Standard Time® is a time billing, timesheet and consulting software product designed for consultants and small companies. Consultant time tracking software is a perfect way to ensure productivity. Download a trial today. If you are a consultant or bill time to clients, buy a copy of the billing and time tracking software, and start saving money each month! This billing and time tracking software saves you money because it captures every billable hour, plus creates a defendable record that gets you paid! Every time!

If you are a small business that bills time to clients, you need time and billing software that can run on Windows Web, Palm OS, and Pocket PC. Don't settle for just a web version of time and billing software.  We offer both Windows and Web platforms for time entry anywhere you are.

Plus, we offer project tracking and project management combined with an employee timesheet, quick tasks, and a timer in one package for one price.  Don't pay for each module you license, get it all for one price. Log time to client tasks, and instantly create a client invoice, plus accept client payments. It works with QuickBooks and Microsoft Project.

Video: Unique Features
Consulting Video

Features of our Consulting Software

  • Time billing, consulting software
  • Consultant time tracking
  • Consultant billing
  • Time reporting
  • Works with QuickBooks software
  • Integrates with Microsoft Project software
  • Windows and web based employee timesheet
  • Android time tracking
  • iPhone time tracking


Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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