Employee payroll is based on weekly timesheet hours or a company imposed pay period.  Employees enter their time, and managers approve it before sending it off to payroll.  Choosing the best payroll timesheet is hard to do because time is as ubiquitous as water, and everybody seems to have one.  We're here to offer the best you've every seen.  Read on, and let us know!

Salary and Client Costs Our timesheet calculates employee salary costs for payroll purposes.  Each employee has both a salary and client rate associated with their profile.  In addition, you can set these rates for each project they work on.  In other words, each project can have different rates.  As the person tracks time to projects, the timesheet calculates both client and salary rates, which are available for payroll or client billing reports.  The final amounts are based on hours entered into the timesheet.  You can even set up salary and billing rates for future years.  This lets you calculate operating costs for lengthy projects that extend into future years.

Payroll Timesheet Since the timesheet hours are calculated for each employee, you can run payroll reports that show time worked and salary amounts.  You can also craft custom reports to export the exact values needed for import into your payroll software.  Simply find the import file specification for the payroll module, and create a custom report that matches it.  You place database fields in the exact format needed for import.


Video: Payroll Timesheet, Pay Periods


Plan Projects Doing projects for clients?  In addition to the timesheet, you can plan client projects with to-do tasks that step employees right through the project from start to finish.


How to set it up: To set up the payroll timesheet, follow these simple steps.  Once set up, you'll be tracking payroll hours and amounts automatically.

  1. See Tools, Users and Organization to enter employee names and rates
  2. See Tools, Projects to choose how project amounts are calculated
  3. Create project tasks to track time to
  4. Enter hours into the timesheet
  5. See Time log view for hours and calculated amounts (payroll and client)


Hours and Overtime
The app also has a window that displays weekly timesheet hours and overtime.  This can be used for payroll purposes as well.



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