Standard Time® supports Deltek GCS Premier with a specially formulated export identical to the GCS Timesheet Processor.  It is the same format as files produced by the Deltek Weekly Timesheet.  The file format is copyrighted by Deltek, so we will not reproduce it here.  If you are spending three times what you feel you should spend for the Deltek Timesheet, and not getting anything other than a data entry grid for your money, consider using our product.  (See more about this below.)  In addition to the timesheet, you get project management, expense tracking, client billing, PTO tracking, and custom reporting.  That's a lot more than just a timesheet -- and it's battle-tested by an industry of consulting firms just like yours.

DCAA Compliance

Most users of Deltek are government contractors, and therefore must comply with DCAA regulations.  We supports DCAA compliance in several ways.  Click here to see details.  One of the biggest issues for DCAA is proper documentation.  The second is proper process.  Contractors are expected to follow recommended guidelines for entering timesheet hours, signing timesheets, and timesheet approvals.  The tool can be set up to force employees to enter notes for every change they make to timesheet entries.  This enforces the rules so you don't have to.  And as you know... don't follow the rules, and things could go hard for you during an audit.  Here are some tips on avoiding a DCAA audit.

Correction Records

Our timesheet supports Deltek correction records by storing a copy of corrected records in its database.  Any time an employee changes a time record, a complete copy is stored for audit and Deltek correction record purposes.  Simply enter a special code into the "Special Features" field in the user profile to cause the program to store correction records for Deltek.

Correction records are Deltek's way of backing out changes to a previous timesheet.  For instance, if you charged 8 hours to a project code last month, but realized that was wrong after importing it to Deltek, you could delete that 8 hours and charge the time to a different code.  The program would export a correction record for the first 8 hours and export another record for the new hours.  Deltek correction records are available in custom reports

Reduce Licensing Fees

The Deltek Timesheet licensing fees can be slashed by employing our offering.  You'll experience a richer and simpler interface, plus have the ability to export your records to Deltek.  All projects and tasks assigned to each employee will show up on their timesheet.  Each time record is timestamped by that employee.  Full audit trails are available.  As we said earlier, you get much more than a Deltek compatible timesheet -- there's automated PTO accruals, task assignments, employee availability, and project management.

Project Management

Built into the product is a full project management suite for enterprise management.  This includes a hierarchy of project tasks for multiple side-by-side projects, an extensive project resource allocation facility with employee availability charts.  Tasks may be assigned to users or groups, and will show up in the built-in timesheet.  All hours entered here can be exported to Deltek.  Dashboards and reports give you the full project status.  What to see projected revenue over the next year?  Want to find employees with a certain skill that are available next month?  How about email notifications when your timesheet is late or incorrect?  Those deep features go beyond a simple timesheet.

Timesheet Approvals

Employees are required to submit their timesheets for approval.  When they do, managers receive an email notification, and can see a list of submitted timesheets.  They can approve or reject timesheets, which sends the approval up to the next level of management.  Only approved time is exported to Deltek -- no unapproved hours are exported to Deltek.

Workforce Automation

The full suite of project management, employee timesheets, management approvals, and export to Deltek represents a clean workforce automation system you can employ to meet DCAA regs and simplify your organization.  All this is necessary to compete in an ever-shrinking, ever-consolidating government contractor environment.  Be competitive!

Also see: Avoid a DCAA Audit, Deltek DCAA Page

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