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This video describes the steps to integrate the timesheet with QuickBooks.  There's another QuickBooks video at this link that may also help.  It's a little older, but still has the same essential information.  Sometimes it's helpful to view multiple videos to absorb the information.

Here, we are showing how to replace the QuickBooks Timer with our own timesheet, which has a more robust feature set and more user-friendly timesheet.  We perform all the same functions as the QB Timer, plus provide task management, expense tracking, native client billing, and PTO accruals.  We work so closely with QuickBooks that you can run your entire consulting business on just these two apps.

It's important to prepare QB before integrating the timesheet.  You'll see in the video that we map the QB Customer:Job field with the ST Project field, and map the QB Service Items to our Categories.  You'll also see QB Customers in the ST Client list.  All this means that the ST timesheet will display all your Customer:Jobs with Service Items under them.  You can simply enter hours on each Category line to create records that transfer directly to QuickBooks.

After transferring timesheet hours to the QB employee timesheet, you can pay employees for time worked, or bill clients.  Simply choose Customers, Create Invoices to create a new invoice from the records you just transferred.

Why use Standard Time?  There are two types of businesses that will benefit: Consultancies and Manufacturing companies.  Consulting companies are the simplest and most obvious.  You simply transfer your time to QB and run client invoices.  Simple and obvious!  Other companies that pay employees in QB can also benefit.  Simply transfer all time records from the timesheet to QB.  They will be sent to the QB employee timesheet where they can be used for payroll.

Those are the simplest reasons.  But there are more...

There's more to this than replacing the QB Timer.  With ST, you take your consulting business to the next level.  Ever with you could do that?  Here's how... You can run utilization reports to see your effect billing rates.  You can manage complete projects from proposal to completion, see your future revenue projects, and view employee availability.  On top of that, you can collect expenses and accrue PTO hours for vacation, comp time, sick, personal, and other reasons.  Simply enter a time off request and it subtracts from your PTO balance.

So you can see, this app is far more than a timer with integration with QB.  It runs your entire business!


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