Timesheet for Manufacturing

Timesheet solution for manufactures who track development and production hours.


Manufacturing companies typically have two types of projects: ongoing production and engineering projects. The first type, Ongoing Production, usually has no end dates in sight.  The projects will go on indefinitely, but still have occasional engineering and manufacturing projects to keep the product on track for the marketplace.  The second type, engineering projects, usually do have starting and finish dates where engineers complete an upgrade to apply  to the manufacturing process.  Standard Time® supports both types of projects.  It also supports tracking employee admin hours in the timesheet.

Ongoing production projects usually don't have ending dates.  Employees are  assigned to keep the process humming along indefinitely.  Typically,  employees are assigned a percentage of their daily working hours.  They may  split their time between several different products, plus devote some time to  admin work like email, meetings, and discussions.  Timesheet hours reflect  the time they spent on those ongoing projects.  Knowing how much time each  project takes is a valuable asset.  Measuring time allows you to improve  efficiency and justify human resources to executives.

One-off engineering and process improvement projects usually do have estimated start and finish dates along with tasks with estimated durations.  This  second type of project also shows up in the timesheet.  An employee might  see both types plus an admin project.  They can enter hours for all three  types.  The project tracking features let managers see how much time is  being spent on each project and task, and helps them know when an engineering or  process improvement project is about to be completed.  They can scheduled  those improvements for the manufacturing process.

For all the three types of jobs listed above, there is solid reporting that lets  managers and executives see total timesheet hours or hours for a given date  range.  Other filter options let them break hours down by portfolio or  location or manager.  Custom reporting lets you redesign built-in reports  completely, showing exactly what your organization requires.

You can look out into the future to see project revenue and employee  availability.  This lets managers line up work for employees that may be  finished with one job and need a percentage of their daily hours filled.

In addition to timesheet tracking, the program has ancillary features like PTO  accruals for vacation, sick, personal, training, and other time off reasons.   Employees can automatically accrual hours for vacation or other reasons, then  take time off.  Requests for time off can be approved or declined based on  black-out periods or all-hands meetings.

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