Customizing Client Invoices

How to add your logo to the client invoice.  And make other customizations.



Client invoices begin with RTF template documents.  A series of templates are provided with the program.  You can delete the stock templates or add more of your own.  You can also change the appearance of client invoice templates by moving the fields around, delete the ones you don't use, and adding your logo to the top.  Since the documents are simple RTF files, you can edit them with Microsoft Word or any RTF document editor.

Adding you logo to an invoice template is the simplest customization you can do.  Just open the RTF document and paste in your logo.  Simple!  But you might consider making a backup copy before making changes.

You will notice that invoice templates contain several "tags" in square brackets.  These are used to supply invoice data to the document.  The table below shows several tags.  Notice that they all start with "INV_".  So where does one get a list of tags?  They are distributed among the various templates.  Simply open each invoice template in MS Word to discover the tags within.  You can copy and paste these tags into any template file.  It is recommended that you paste as plain text to avoid "splitting" the tag with font information, rendering it useless.


P.O. Number










Tax ID


Invoice Start Date


Invoice End Date



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