Have you every seen a "timesheet" where you choose a client, then a project, then a task from dropdowns?  This isn't one of those.

Those are the worst.

consultants love ST

"I hate those dumb dropdowns"


Instead, you see all your projects and tasks in one simple list.  Just enter hours next to a task and you're done.  You only see tasks assigned to you, so the list isn't too long.  Plus, projects and subprojects can be collapsed so the list is even shorter. Need the timesheet even shorter and more relevant? Try Timesheet Favorites. Favorites show only the projects you're working on right now.

Here's a nice little video for inspiration. After you watch it, scroll down for more.




Are timesheet tasks required?

Only if you want them to be. Right out of the box, you can start using projects without tasks. But you can run the projects wizard and add some pretty quickly. Here's an image of tasks being added to the timesheet. Once they are added, you can begin entering timesheet hours against them immediately.


Project Wizard



The good thing about tasks is that you can do a lot of things with them. Consider these advantages, when using tasks.

  1. You can link tasks to others. Here's a task linking video.
  2. You can compare estimates to actuals
  3. You can create tasks under subprojects and phases, as discussed below
  4. You can prevent budget overruns, as discussed below
  5. You can assign tasks to users, which lets you see employee availability. Here's a video on employee availability.
  6. You can report on how much time is spent on each task
  7. You can scan them to start and stop a timer



consultants love ST

"Our projects only have five tasks"

"Same for every project"



Task breakdowns

The image below is an example of how you could break a project into phases or divisions that help divide the work into manageable parts. You see the project at the top level, with phases or subprojects under it. The actual tasks are under those. That is where employees enter hours. You can see those hours totaled at the project level above the tasks.



Task Breakdowns



consultants love ST

"Each subproject is a phase"

"We mark them complete and move on"



Task warnings prevent budget overruns

The message below appears when you have configured the timesheet tasks for warnings. What are task warnings? Warnings prevents users from entering too much time against a task. You may have to do this if clients are unwilling to pay more than a certain amount, or you just want to nudge employees to finish up and move on to the next task.  Here's a task warning video on this very topic.


Task Warnings Prevent Budget Overruns 



consultants love ST

"We decreased the budget 6%, just from these little warnings"



Text from video: Hello Consultants and Engineers!

Here’s a brand new idea that makes employee timesheets easier.

The Standard Time® timesheet displays only the projects and tasks you are working on.

That’s right. Employees only see projects and tasks that are relevant to them.

Ever try working with a timesheet or spreadsheet with a zillion projects to scroll through? It’s so slow you throw up your hands and quit.

Not so with Standard Time!

You’ll only see the projects and tasks you’re assigned to.

And you can even reduce those with Favorites. Just a few clicks and only your favorite projects show up.


This is the kind of fresh new timekeeping app employees will actually use. You’ll get the information you need to invoice clients, or to just track projects and tasks for employee hours.

Try Standard Time.

Click to start your free trial today.


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