If you have trouble keeping projects moving, then "Task Warnings" may be the solution.  Projects sometimes stall when employees don't finish tasks and move on.


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Employees may not realize the importance of rapid task completion. Or, they may not understand the financial pressures to deliver. They just know they're supposed to work on something. But you must keep projects tight, keep costs down, and deliver on time.  If you don't, you may not get another chance.

Here's a possible solution for project lag.

Tasks warnings pop up when employees are nearing completion of a task. It's a subtle message that says, "Finish up and move on."  And if they go too far over their allocated time, they get another popup that prevents any more time input.  You set the limits.  You control the parameters.  And you reap the benefits.

Watch the video and scroll down. We have more to say.



Camping out on tasks

The issue is that employees camp out on familar tasks without even realizing it. It's confortable and easy. So, they keep at it.

Problem is, you have so many other things that must be completed before the project can be delivered. Spend too much time and the project is over budget and late. (BTW, have you seen the project triangle video? These little triangle charts illustrate late projects effectively. And here's a cute old-timey video on this topic of task warnings.)


consultants love ST

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The gentle nudge forward

We're not trying to be rude, but you have to finish up and move on. Too afraid to say that? Then let the software do it for you.  It pops up little alerts that tell employee they are nearing the end of a task. If they go too far, it locks them out. Now only an admin can make sdjustments that allow more task input. Let that happen a few times, and employees get the message. It's time to hurry up and get this stuff done.  Most people understand the point of such messages, and get on with things.


consultants love ST

"And this dumb popup keeps coming up!"


Pros and cons of task warnings

Of course too much pressure can backfire and result in even more delays. People lose motivation and shut down. Instead of working tasks, they catch up on Facebook to reduce the stress. So watch your task estimates and warning levels. They can become a little too much.

Here are the pro's:

  1. You don't exceed client budget expectations
  2. You don't look incompetent
  3. You don't look like you're milking the job
  4. Customers and stakeholders appreciate your promptness
  5. You appear nimble and responsive
  6. Your budget isn't blown
  7. You now have enough money to do other important things



consultants love ST

"Sorry, but this project is already late"




The has a nice little feature to make sure tasks get completed on time: Task Warnings

Here’s the problem:

Sometimes employees ‘camp out’ on tasks they like. Maybe upcoming tasks are scary. Or, the employee doesn’t feel ready to move on. Or, they just feel comfortable on the current task.

For whatever reason, they don’t move on. And that may be costing you money.

Now there’s a solution in Standard Time.

Project managers can set a percentage cut-off. When users hit this percentage, a pop-up tells them to finish up.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you set a warning at 90%, and a final cut-off at 125%.

The user first gets a warning, and then the task closes. No more time can be added.

Want to try it? Click to download.


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