ST is a DCAA compliant timesheet. That is: Defense Contract Audit Agency. And that means you don't need to mess with the ugly details of DCAA compliance. Just configure the timesheet for DCAA and you're done. It runs itself. And we'll help with the configuration. 


consultants love ST

"We're doing government contracting"

"Get a DCAA compliant timesheet"


Configuring your DCAA Compliant Timesheet

You'll get several things, even without any special configuration.  Just using a unique username and password is the beginning. Tracking time in a spreadsheet won't work because you need a unique login. Then, the 'Submit for Approval' button greets you immediately after login. So you've already gotten started toward DCAA compliance, and you haven't turned a wrench on the software. Feeling good already?  :)

Of course there are a few other configuration things below the video.  Watch the video to begin. Then scroll down for more, or click here for more DCAA ideas.




Require special notes for time log changes

DCAA wants special notes for every change you make. They want this for documentation purposes. That's only reasonable, because if you've changed something about historical time records, you should document why those changes were made. Good communication never hurt anyone.


consultants love ST

"Why is this popping up?"

"You have to document your changes"


There's a special setting for this. One click, and you're good to go on this one. Now every time somebody goes back to a previous time log, they must add to their existing notes with more detail about the change.


Employees can't enter time for another

The unique login and password usually solves this one. But you can limit it further for managers who might enter time for other employees. A simple checkbox disallows time entry for another employee. Managers still need to enter time when employees forget, so you might need to leave this off for them.


Time entry should be on the day it occurred

As limiting as this sounds, it's actually a good practice. Here's why: can you remember what you ate for dinner yesterday? No? Then how could you remember the exact times for each project and task you worked the past week.


consultants love ST

"Heck, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night!"


Forget about entering all your hours for the week on Friday. You will never remember them accurately. So, DCAA says you should enter those hours on the day they occurred. It's a reasonable request, given the fast-paced workplaces we're in. Here's the good thing: There's a checkbox for this. Just check it, and you're done. Employees will get an error message when trying to enter time into the past, and into the future. That sometimes manager will have to do it for them. But it sure sends a signal: Get your time in today, or face the wrath of ME!


More DCAA to follow

Don't worry; we're keeping up on this compliance stuff. Newer versions of the timesheet may include updates to address newer issues and demands. That way, you'll automatically meet all DCAA requirements.


consultants love ST

"Relax, we got this!"


Video transcription:

Government contractors need DCAA compliant timesheets… without a lot of hassle.

And Standard Time® is the best!

Here’s why:

The Defense Contract Audit Agency has guidelines you must follow when filling out timesheets.
- Employees must enter their own time
- No one can enter it for them
- Notes are required
- Timesheets must be approved by a manager
- And more

Do you really want to deal with all that? Probably not. Fortunately, there’s one product that does it all for you.

It’s called Standard Time.

With Standard Time, you get:
- A simple timesheet, with DCAA compliance built in
- Project tracking
- Employee availability charts
- And streamlined client billing

There’s even a 30-day evaluation.

Click Download to start your free trial.


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