The popular "Work In Progress" screen you see on the desktop software is also available on Android. It's an Android app you install onto your phone or tablet. The app displays the status of jobs and work orders, and pops up notifications for certain events. This is not a barcode scanning app. Barcoding is done with other software. This is just for WIP, and just for the convenience of having that info always at hand.

Click here for the Work In Progress desktop screen

Watch this video for the basics, and then scroll down below it for additional info.



Q: First off, what is Work In Progress?

Work In Progress (WIP) is the status of current jobs or work orders. In other words, when the job started, when it's likely to end, the percent complete, the last employee who worked on it, what department it's in, and other useful status info.


Q: Why is that good to have on your phone?

WIP on your phone (or tablet) makes everything handier. You're not tied to a terminal. All your project info is available anywhere. Plus, you get notifications for certain events. That lets you look into project and time tracking issues that are meaningful to you.


Q: What can I see on my phone?

You will see a list of projects or work orders. On each project line, you'll see status. You can also see a list of employees. You'll see when those employees worked on your projects last. And, you'll have a raw list of time logs for all your projects. Scroll through the time log list to see what has been done.


Q: Can I install it onto an Android tablet?

Yes, the WIP app is not just for phones. You can run it on a tablet, and still syncs with Wi-Fi. Tablets sometimes don't have data plans like phones, but they do have Wi-Fi, so you can pull down WIP data from your server. Once you sync with the server, you'll see those lists mentioned above.


Q: What is a notification?

Android devices can display messages for certain events. An example is the notification you get when you receive a text message. A small window appears at the top of your device. Tap it and you're taken directly to that app.

The Work In Progress Android app is the same. It pops up notifications for certain events. You can configure which events you want, and some rules to guide them.


Q: What WIP notifications can I get on my phone?

These three notifications are available on the first release of this app. More may be available at the time you read this.

  1. "Employee timers not running"
  2. "Employee timers exceed"
  3. "Project percentage exceeds"

Notification #1: Employee timers not running

This notification occurs when a specified period of time elapses and timers have not been started. You may want to make sure every employee has started a timer, and is working on projects. If they are not, a notification pops up.

Notification #2: Employee timers exceed

This popup normally occurs when timers are forgotten. The employee leaves for the day, and forgets to stop their timer. You get a notification, and you can manually stop the timer on behalf of the employee. (Admin changes like this are made on Windows or Web programs, not Android.)

Notification #3: Project percentage exceeds

Get a notification when a project is taking too long. You choose the percentage. When a project goes over this percentage of estimated time, you get a popup. Now you can look into the issue with all associated employees.


Q: What if I have an iPhone?

Currently, the app only runs on Android. You can still carry an Android tablet in addition to your phone. The tablet will sync with your server and display the same screens and notifications as an Android phone. It just can't make calls, so it's dedicated to WIP and other apps you choose to run.


Q: Why do I need to sync WIP data?

All data comes from your server. Its the same data used by the Windows and Web Editions of the software. So you're getting the same data those platforms use. Synchronization is just a different way of connecting to the server, but gives you the same data.


Q: What does the Work In Progress desktop screen look like?

Here's a link to the Windows Edition WIP video.


Q: Can I scan barcode labels with this app?

No, this is just for Work In Progress reporting and notifications. You'll use a Windows program (that does not run on Android) to scan barcode labels on the shop floor.


Q: Can I make admin changes using the Android WIP app?

No, the WIP app is for informational use only. All admin changes to projects, tasks, or employees must be made using the Windows or Web programs.


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