Set the exact hours employees are expected to work on tasks.



The timesheet has the ability to show scheduled hours for employees.  These hours are displayed in a special mode just above the tasks they apply to.  Administrators can edit and schedule these hours for specific employees who are assigned to work on specific tasks.  When the employee logs into his timesheet, he sees these hours and knows what to work on.

When you do this, you are actually timephasing employee scheduled hours out into the future.  And you are performing an important project management task.  You may not think of this as anything special.  To you, it’s just helping your employees prioritize work.  But this is real project management nonetheless.

The technical term is, Timephased Resource Allocation.

Of course scheduling task hours down to the day might be considered micro-management, but this still has value for employees who are new to the project or the company.  It is a way for managers to offer suggestions on which tasks to work on, and in which order.  Simply fill in the scheduled hours in the timesheet, and the employees knows what you think is the best priority for each day.  Usually those suggestions are correct, based on experience, so the employee proceeds with those suggestions.  Think of it as guidance to get started.  After the employee has his footing he may proceed with his own ideas on which tasks to work on.

In addition to the daily timesheet suggestions these hours have more advanced purposes in resource allocation.  These advanced areas are optional and may only apply to project managers who need more detail when allocating time for employees.

Timephased resource allocation is a technique that lets you schedule out the exact hours employees will work on tasks.

Normally, you set up project tasks with an optional start and due date, and then assign them to employees.  The resource allocation window shows a graph of all work to be done in the future.  The tasks hours between the start and due dates are spread out like peanut butter across the date range, and you assume the task will be completed sometime in that general timeframe.

But timephased hours are more specific.  They let you break a task down into daily segments of work.  You essentially schedule daily hours for each employee and each task.  In other words, you tell the employee exactly how many hours you want them to work each day.  This is clearly managing at a micro-level, where the total task hours are timephased out in detail.

That means you’ll see these timesheet scheduled hours in the resource allocation window.  They will show up above the specified time period in the graph, as shown in this video.  Simply go out into the future on the timesheet and enter scheduled hours.  Again, this is optional... but very handy from a PM standpoint.

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