See which meeting you will miss when taking time off.


This video shows how to see a list of meetings you'll miss when taking time off, like vacation.  The program finds all the meetings you'll miss during the date range of your time off and displays a list of them.  You decide if these meetings are acceptable to miss.  If so, continue to submit your time  off request.  Just keep in mind that your manager can see the same list,  and may decline the time off request based on meetings they may consider high  priority.

Any time you take time off from work, you will miss certain company functions.   Actually, that's the whole point.  You want to get away.  That's  completely understandable.  But while you're scheduling your vacation, you  might want to take a peak at the company meetings and functions you will miss.   They may not be high enough priority to make you change your mind, but some  events might.  In that case, you can simply choose a different date range  and check the meetings again.  If everything looks good, proceed!

The meeting setup page is an administrative function.  Checking meetings  when taking time off is not.  Managers and administrators can set up  meetings that every employee can check when taking time off.  Those  meetings will have a specified start time and duration.  They may also have  a specific date, or a recurring date cycle.  For instance, a Friday  afternoon pizza party recurs every week.  That's probably not one that  people will care if they miss, but still, you can schedule such meetings so  everyone knows they exist.

Meetings can be assigned to employees.  This point may be obvious, but the  fact is that some meetings don't apply to every employee.  For instance,  the assembly line workers would probably not attend the sales meetings.   Each department has their own meetings, and only those would show up on the list  of 'Missed meetings' when taking time off.

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