Display time off requests in a calendar view for comparison and planning.


Have you ever wanted to check to see which other employees are taking time off at the same time you are?  This video shows you how.  It's easy!

When you are taking time off for vacation, sick, personal, comp, etc., you can check the time off calendar to see which other employees are also taking  time off.  Sometimes companies will not allow certain key employees to take  time off simultaneously because there would be nobody left to mind the store.  So your time off request may be denied if you don't check.  Fortunately,  it's just a click away.

When you enter a new time off request, there is a field named "Coworkers out"  that shows the number of other employees who will also be taking time off.   (See the video for details.)  That field has a "..." button you can click  to see the employees that will be taking time off during your request.  It  also shows a calendar to help reschedule.  Getting a clear schedule may  help in having your request approved.

At the same time, you can check to see which meetings you will miss.  If  the meetings are important, you can easily reschedule before saving the request.   Administrators can set up meetings by choosing Tools, Meetings.  You can  set up recurring or one-time meetings.  Once set up, employees can check  the meetings they will miss when requesting time off.

This simply feature is a part of a complete time off accrual and scheduling module that comes built-into the product.  You don't pay extra for it.  It's just there for your use, should you need it.

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