Use this video to learn how to create new expense records each time employees scan inventory items on the shop floor. Now you have a records for all time and materials used on the shop floor. Scroll below the video for additional information and suggested videos.

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The biggest value of scanning inventory on the shop floor is not keeping track of stock. Instead, it is having a record of every item scanned. That means you now have records of all time and materials. And these are actual materials used, not just those proposed, not just those ordered. You know exactly what went into manufacturing and production.


Scanning Inventory Items

A very simple way to create expense records for every inventory scan is to check the "Create new expense" option for inventory items. When you do, a new expense record is created any time employees scan. You'll instantly collect the item name, date and time, cost, and the employee. That's a lot of good information without any hassle. Just scan the inventory item name, and you've got it all.

But there is a more advanced way to collect even more information. Instead of scanning an inventory name, scan an expense template instead.


Scanning Expense Templates

Scanning expense templates allows you to deduct inventory items from stock, plus create expense records for the event. Expense templates contain a large number of pre-populated fields you can use to fill out expense records. You now have a full record of the item scanned, without any need to fat-finger the data. Just scan and use. Learn more about expenses templates here.


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