Should you host your own timesheet or have Scoutwest do it?  This video weighs the details of each.  The features are virtually indentical, so the IT resources are the biggest thing to consider. Scroll to the bottom for a hosted timesheet trial.


This video helps clarify the differences between our two licensing programs:


A. SaaS Hosted Timesheet, or B. Self Hosted Timesheet

Actually, the choices are pretty simple.  Bottom line: either we host the timesheet on our servers, or you.  That's really the biggest question to answer.  Can you host the timesheet software on your own  server?  If so, you can self-host.  It's not a big deal -- really simple -- just run the installer on your server and log into the URL.  No  big deal.  But here are some other questions that might affect your decision:


Do you have in-house IT assistance? If you have an in-house IT department, you can probably self-host the timesheet  app yourself.  It's not hard -- no rocket science.  There are two apps to consider: the Web Edition and Windows Edition.  The web app is installed on your Windows IIS Server with a SQL Express database.  Simple!  The  Windows Edition is install onto employee workstations.  It connects to the same SQL database that the Web Edition connects to.  That way, both platforms see the same data.  So if you have a single IT guy, you're good  to go with self-hosting!


Do you need both the Web Edition and Windows  Edition? If you want both a Windows app and a Web app, you'll have to self-host because our SaaS Hosted Timesheet is only Web-based.  Many organizations want administrators to use the native Windows app rather than a browser-based  timesheet.  It is faster and more flexible than web apps.   Fortunately, if you self-host you get both platforms.


Do you want to limit your IT involvement? Maybe you do have an in-house IT department, but you would rather not involve them.  You just want a quick turnkey solution without all the  entanglements of self-hosting.  Then our SaaS Hosted Timesheet is for you.  We handle all the details -- all the hosting, IP addresses, DNS,  network traffic, uptime, etc, etc, etc.  All you do is pay a setup fee and an annual hosting service fee.  That's it!

SaaS Hosting Fees: You pay a setup fee, and then pay annually for the licenses you need.

Self-Hosting Fees: You purchase product licenses, then pay a small annual fee for upgrades and support.

Both of these options depend upon the number of user-licenses you need.


SaaS Hosting Includes: Web-based timesheet, all upgrades, tech support, user assistance, off-site server, access with browser.


Self-Hosting Includes: Web and Windows platforms, annual maintenance for tech support and upgrades, access with browser or native app.



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