Forecast project revenue over the next 12 months.


This product is not just a timesheet!  Sure, you enter hours into the timesheet for your jobs, but you can also see revenue forecasts for upcoming  months.  This video shows how.  Simply set up your projects with start and finish dates, estimated revenues, and a win probabilities.  The graph will automatically show the next 13 months of revenue.  Simple!


Sales Funnel A sales revenue funnel works by break revenue down into time periods such a months or quarters.  It multiplies the estimated revenue from each deal with its expected win probability.  (Rg = Re x Win%)   All the active jobs are included in the graph.  On any given month, you can  see what your expected revenue might be.  Since some percentage of your  deals will fall through, the funnel shows the likely revenue.  If you set the win percentage to 100% on every job, you will see all the possible revenue.


Portfolios and Folders If you organize your jobs into folders, you can select a folder to display the  revenue for all the projects in it.  This is also true of portfolios.  Choosing a portfolio or folder lets you compare revenue each one to determine  which portfolio brings in the most money for the organization.


Clients Selecting a client from the filter dropdown allows you to see revenue for each client.  Choosing <All clients> shows revenue for all clients combined.  This is the default choice.


Project Managers You can also see the revenue brought in by each project manager.  Simply  choose a user from the dropdown, and all the projects that have this user as a  manager will be selected.  All projects from other managers will be  filtered out.  This can be useful in learning which manager brings in the most revenue.  Not all organizations are organized with managers like this,  so this filter choice may not apply to you.


Before Revenue If you see a column in the graph named "Before" that has revenue in it, it means  that the project is still active but that the star and finish dates are before the start of the graph.  These should probably be changed to reflect future dates.  Choose Tools, Projects to do that.


Timesheet None of these choices affect the timesheet.  You will still be able to enter timesheet hours as you had before.  Consider this graph a freebie!

Also see: Video: Can Time Tracking Help You Make Money?, YouTube: Project Revenue Video



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