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The term resource pool in project management is getting a little antiquated.  It used to refer to a file on your hard drive that contained a list of employees that could be assigned to tasks in your project files.


Resource Pools are Antiquated


The resource file could be shared amongst all the project files.

Of course, the resources were not restricted to employees.  You could have tools or equipment that you assign to tasks, but 99% of the time these pools were simple lists of employees.  The reason you needed a resource pool is that individual project files on your computer all needed to share a single resource file.  In other words, each project file included the same shared file.  One list of employees for all project files.

Welcome to the 21st Century… the resource pool is now in the cloud.

In fact, the old concept of the resource pool has been modernized and expanded to include assignments far beyond tasks.  You can now assign employees to projects, categories, clients, meetings, holidays, and just about every other timesheet related item.  Product administrators can use the list in reports, in employee timesheets, invoices, and labor assignments.  Remember those DCAA contracts?  Each employee is specified by name, and the labor rates are specified on each contract mod.  Turns out, you need a comprehensive employee list for that.  Sounds a lot like the old resource pool, huh?  It is, but modernized and extended for multiple purposes.

In fact, we don’t even refer to this employee list as a “resource pool” any more.  The need for a special term has gone away.  We just call it a “list of employees” now, or maybe just “users” when the list also serves as logins for company employees.  Special terms like this only confuse people, and there’s no point in that.  But they are really the same thing.

The employee list has become so core to the product that it is used everywhere in the program.  Administrators obtain all their company intelligence from that list.  Reports and exported documents are chief among the list of uses.

The videos below give you an idea of just a few things you can do with users and workgroups.


Video: MSP Integration MS Project Integration

Video: Project Supply and Demand Project Supply and Demand

Video: Assign Resources By Skill Assign Resources By Skill

Video: Employee Availability and Scheduling PM In Timesheet


One big thing you can do with the list of employees is to choose which workgroups and employees a project manager or administrator is allowed to see.  Each manager that has influence over a small number of employees may be limited to seeing only those employees.  E.g. Tim can see his group and Mary can see hers.  Nobody else.  They can only run reports or view timesheets for a limited number of employees.  That is a concept far beyond the original scope of resource pools!

Also see: Video: Assigning Resources By Skill


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