See your timesheet hours in the MS Project Task Usage View.

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After integrating with MS Project:

The Task Usage view in Microsoft Project displays the actual work  performed by each resource next to the work assigned.  It displays displays these hours in daily columns -- M, T, W, T, F, S, S.  Of course you can change the columns to display week, quarters, years, or even hours.   But the default is daily hours.

The Resource Usage view is similar.  It displays resources with tasks under  them.  The 'actual hours' worked by each resource is displayed in the same  daily columns.

When you integrate with Microsoft Project, the employee timesheet hours are  transferred to the Task Usage view where they apply to the total aggregate  'Actual Work' field you see in the Gantt View.  To be precise... they are  really just transferred to MSP using timephased data, where they are displayed in the Task Usage view.  Switch back and forth between these views to see the aggregate and the detailed breakdowns.

You will notice when integrating with MSP, that ST 'owns' the actual work hours.  It will delete any hours you enter into MSP, and then fill up the Task Usage view with hours from its own timesheet.  So MSP owns the tasks and  schedule, and ST owns the timesheet hours.  ST never pulls down actual  hours from MSP.  Instead, it always sends them to MSP -- one way only.


Steps to integrate with Microsoft Project
    1. Create the project in MSP
    2. Save an MPP file to your local hard drive or file server
    3. Choose Tools, Projects in ST
    4. Right-click on an existing project
    5. Choose Microsoft Project Integration Wizard


Only administrators have access to the integration capabilities with MSP.   Normal employees do not.  In fact, they don't even need to know that a  project is integrated with an MPP file or not (some may be integrated and some  not).  Employees simply enter their timesheet hours as normal without any  regard to this detail.  Those hours are immediately available for administrators and project managers to send to MSP on their own schedules.

But what if an employee changes his mind and deletes some hours?  Or  changes some hours?  No problem!  The next time you perform a sync with MSP, the old hours are deleted or changed in the Task Usage view exactly as the employee intended them.  Every employee time log is accurately transferred to MSP in the daily slot it belongs with.


           ST never pulls down actual hours from MSP. Instead, it always sends them to MSP -- one way only.


So how do project managers benefit from actual hours in the Task Usage view?  The biggest benefit is in seeing who has worked when.  Obviously project tasks are scheduled and assigned for a reason.  Each employee must perform his tasks on schedule in order for the system to operate  cleanly.  And knowing exactly when an employee worked, and how many hours  they worked, is valuable information.  And aggregate of hours is not always useful since you don't know when employees worked.

So if you're using Microsoft Project, give this a try!

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