Import an MPP file and see a list of tasks in your timesheet.  Send hours back to MSP.

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You can integrate your existing Microsoft Project MPP file into the timesheet using the methods in this video.  Here's a really easy way to capture actual work for your MS Project MPP file.  Just go through the Microsoft Project Integration Wizard and your tasks will show up in the timesheet.  Employees can enter time against project tasks, and then you can send the actual work back to MSP.

Getting actual work for your MPP file is incredibly helpful!  It turns a static project schedule into a dynamic, living, breathing document.  You no longer have to guess how long tasks will take.  With a little input from actual employee timesheets you can begin to reset your expectation for other tasks.  Obviously, not all tasks are alike, but having actual hours from actual employees is a much better indicator for the durations or future tasks than the wild guesses you might have taken so far.  Some project managers find that their schedules double or even triple after actual implementation.

Why such a huge disparity?

Scheduling projects in a vacuum is hard.  You add tasks that never need to be done, and you forget to add three-quarters of the ones that do need to be done.  Worse yet, you underestimate the working durations unless you have on-the-ground intelligence for the time it takes to complete certain tasks.  Sure, you can get those estimates from the engineers, but even they can't properly enumerate every task they will need to get from point A to point B.  Plus, engineers are notoriously bad at estimates.  They don't include the research, setup, and preparation to even begin their tasks.  And the don't include the glue-time between tasks.  That's at least half the work they do.  So at least getting actual hours from employee timesheets is an improvement.  You begin to see all the intangibles and all the invisible tasks that make up a complete project schedule.  It's more than most people realize.

The biggest value of Standard Time is that it publishes all your MPP files to all the employees that are assigned to them.  There are very few products that do this, and almost none that do it on both Windows and Web platforms.  One administrator can set this all up in a matter of minutes.  The Microsoft Project tasks are all stored in a robust SQL Server database.  You can access them from any workstation around the world, and track actual employee time in a robust timesheet that runs on all platforms.

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