Expense templates make it easy to enter expenses on the timesheet. You can enter them manually or scan them on the shop floor.



Expense templates make adding new expenses easy.  Here's why: There are a lot of fields to fill in for expenses, so it would be nice to create templates that have all those fields filled in so you can reproduce them quickly.  In other words, you can copy from a "filled-in" template when you add new expenses.

Expense templates show up in the timesheet.  Actually, we call it an "expense sheet" or "expense report" but it's just another mode of the timesheet.  You can switch between the normal timesheet and the expense sheet with a little menu in the upper-left corner.

You'll notice that each expense template is hosted under the project it belongs to.  All expense templates belong to a project.  Actually, that's not always the case, but normally.  The exception is when you assign an expense template to "<All Projects>."  In this case, you'll see the template under every project.

So how do you use them?  Simple, just enter the quantity under the day you experienced this expense.  That's it!  So, let's say you purchased three computer cables on Tuesday.  You would simply enter the number "3" next to that template, under Tuesday.  Under the covers, this creates three new expenses with all the same values.  Wow!  That's fast!

It probably goes without saying that expense template are best suited for expenses you add on a regular basis.  Even mileage can be used.  So, it you drive to and from a client office every day, you can easily add those miles by just entering the distance into the expense sheet.

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