How to enter notes for the daily stand-up meeting.  Scrum master will have access to these before each daily meeting.


If your company uses the Agile methodology, you are probably familiar with the Daily Scrum or the Daily Sprint, and the Daily Stand-up Meeting as  the actually meeting is often  called. This daily meeting is part of the Agile Software Development method. Not  sure what it is? Google it, or watch this video and read below…

The Daily Scrum is a meeting held every day where team members stand up in front  of their peers and verbally tweet three short items.

  1. What they did since the last scrum (yesterday)
  2. What they plan to do before the next one (tomorrow)
  3. Any impediments they are encountering

Every team member gets their minute of fame. When the meeting is finished,  everybody knows what everybody else is doing. And it only took 10 – 15 minutes!  Plus, the scrum master has a list of what’s happening on the project. But wouldn’t it be cool to have an electronic copy of everybody’s scrum tweets?

Now you can!

Simply choose View, Daily Scrum. A small window will open that lets you input  your three tweets: what you did since the last meeting, what you plan to do for the next, and an impediments you have. You can enter all this in two minutes.  Literally! Two minutes is all you should take. Just enter a single line for each  item and you’re done. Don’t take any longer or you’ll jeopardize the whole  purpose… which is… a quick status for a single day’s work.


There are three obvious advantages to entering this information daily.

  1. Advantage #1: You get a two-minute rehearsal for the actual scrum stand-up. You can think about what you are going to say in front of all your peers, condense it to least number of words, and get ready to spit it out. When the time comes to actually stand up and speak, you’ll have the words at the top of your head, and right in front of you. This speeds up the stand-up considerably.
  2. Advantage #2: Your boss, the scrum master, now has a complete list of everybody’s status. He can print the list out just before the meeting and know what’s coming. He’ll also have a list of impediments to work on. After all, it’s the scrum master’s job to clear impediments blocking team members. You win; your boss wins!\
  3. Advantage #3: All these tweets become a ‘body of status’ for the project. Anyone can read the list and know where the project is at any time. One of the rules of Agile is that nobody can talk in a Daily Scrum except those who are actually doing the work. So a printed list of status is helpful to managers and executives up the line. This is sometimes their only way of knowing what’s going on.

Not sure you have the time? Come on… it only takes two minutes. Literally, two minutes. And, you can input the status with your phone before you come into work. You can log into the Web Edition with your phone to do that.

The discipline of this simple meeting can really improve your project speed of execution, even if you are not officially using the Agile method. Really, that’s  what Agile is all about. Your team becomes more nimble, faster, and flexible in project execution. Your products are released faster and with fewer bugs.

Try this little feature by choosing View, Daily Scrum from the main menu.  It will add a tiny bit to your daily sprint.

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