Timesheet features for consultants and service companies.


If you are running a consulting company, either individually or a group of consultants, here are the features you should look into. The video touches on them, but doesn’t go into much detail.  There is second part to this series that also provides more detail.


Timesheet Everything starts and ends with the timesheet. All your client jobs and hours are displayed there. Consultants can filter the view to show billable and non-billable hours, or show only time for a selected client or project.  Administrators can view hours for consultants working for them. Daily and weekly totals are displayed at the bottom, and project hours are at the right.

Time Log The time log, as shown in the video, displays all the same records as the timesheet but in a top-to-bottom list instead of Monday – Sunday grid. This view lets you see much more information such as client, job, category, notes, client  billing rates, client cost, billable, and billed flags. That’s a consultant’s  nerve center! Because you get to see everything your company relies on. Just  like the timesheet, you can filter the view to show only work you did for a  particular client or job, or only show the billable or non-billable hours. Just  click the yellow “X” at the top when you are finished to remove the filtering.


Expenses Although the video doesn’t cover it, you can enter billable expenses that you pass along to the client. Those expenses can even be entered into the expense sheet of the timesheet.


Billing Rates Each consultant can have their own billing rates for each project. So if you have several consultants that do different work, they can bill differently for each client project they work on. Once you set these, you will see the client rate in each time log you entered into the timesheet. Older time logs that have  already been billed to the client will not be changed.


Reports and Special Windows The video shows a couple of good reports, including the “Client Receivables” and “Utilization” reports. These are the heart of consulting because the show the actual billable records you can invoice clients for.


Task Management Although the video doesn’t cover this, you have full task management to create project hierarchies that contain tasks assigned to groups and individual consultants. Consultants will see these tasks in their timesheet where they can log time to them. Since they are already predefined with a client, project, category, and all the other necessary fields, all you need to do is enter hours.  Very simple!


Invoicing The video also doesn’t cover this, but you can run invoices for client based on billable time and expenses.


QuickBooks Just like invoicing, you can transfer your time and expenses to QB for payroll and client billing.

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