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This is the best timesheet on the market because it is the simplest  timesheet that still meets all your needs.  There are plenty of simple timesheets... and there are plenty that meet your needs.  But there is only one simple timesheet that meets all your needs.

Let's face it, business is complex.  You need a robust timesheet product.   Without it, you will fail.  Excel spreadsheets don't cut it.  Word documents don't fit the need.  And paper timesheets are as ancient as dirt.   Just try to be competitive with one of those oldies.  So, we all accept the fact you you need a modern timesheet.  But don't miss the subtle  point that you also need a simple timesheet.  Getting a timesheet that is both robust and simple is incredible difficult.  Only we meet that requirement.

What are your basic needs?  Collecting client billable time?   Maximizing profit?  Reducing non-billable and admin time?   Prioritizing strategic projects?  We do all that.  We specialize in it.  We live it, every day.  Every one of our customers wants these things.  They call us up, email us, and generally push for solutions to tough business problems.  And we deliver.  Every time.

Consulting companies either make money or die.  They either have a timesheet solution that pushes for more billable hours and ensures  profitability, or they die.  Lots of them die.  Even some of our customers die, but we fight to provide a tool that keeps them profitable.

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