Sometimes you want to track more than just time on the shop floor with your barcode scanner, for manufacturing and employee jobs. Sometimes you want to track materials and supplied consumed.


That is the topic of this video. Scroll down and learn how to scan expense templates that represent your job materials, parts, and supplies.

Expense templates collect all the field data you want for a single expense into one record you can scan. In other words, you set up a template the way you want it, and then scan it to create new expenses. Those expenses represent the materials and supplies on the job.

Employee can scan both project tasks (for their time) and expense templates (for their materials).



Video transcription:

Barcoding on the shop floor for manufacturing, employee jobs, assembly, packaging and so on. Is some times more than just tracking time. Sometimes you want to keep track of the supplies or materials or expenses that you're using on these jobs. You want to collect both time and materials with the barcode scanner.

That is what we're going to get into here in the software in Standard Time®. We're going to show you how to use what we call expense templates. Where you can set up a certain kind of material that you're using, in manufacturing or the shop floor. Give it a name, give it a project, give it a price, fill out all the fields and then scan that with a barcode scanner to indicate that yes, I used one of these, I used three of those, I used one of those. You'll be able to keep track of both the time and the expenses. Come on over here and we'll take a look at how we do that.

In the time sheet you're probably familiar with scanning projects and tasks to start a timer while you're doing a job. But did you know there's a little triangle here that you can go to an expense sheet that shows similar items called expense templates. These are like project tasks that you'll be able to scan to indicate you're consuming certain supplies or items, materials, expenses for the job. You'll have both time and expenses on a job.

Let's show how these work before we scan anything. Let's enter a quantity here and then pop over to the expenses tab, you see that we have one record here. That record has all the fields for that item. Let's go ahead delete this one here so that we have an empty list. Back to the timesheet, press F4, we're going to scan some of these things.

Let's start by scanning the user name, project, task; that starts the timer. Now I'm working on the job; the timer's running. What I want to do is scan some of these materials so that they go into the system as well. You'll see those show up in the background. So I've scanned one of each of these, scan another one of these monitors so we have a quantity of two.

Close the barcode window, pop back over to the expenses tab. You see all the records for all the supplies, expenses that you've used on this job. Over in the time log you see that there is a timer running, that will go until you stop the timer. In the timesheet you have the ability to see both the time and the expenses for the jobs that you're working on for all the employees.





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