Looking for a way to print barcode labels for a project and the tasks under it? This is the video you need.

There are at least three ways to print barcode labels for time tracking. This method asks for a project to print. Choose a project and you will get the barcode labels for that project and the tasks under it.

You will also get a label to stop the timer, and another to clear the display so other users can approach the computer.


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There are at least 3 ways to print barcode labels for Standard Time®, to track time. As you know you can use Standard Time to start and stop a timer with barcode labels. Usually for employee jobs, shop floor, assembly, manufacturing, those sorts of things.

You scan a label to start, you scan another label to stop. You're going to have to print those labels out. There are three ways to do that, like I said.

The topic of this video is a report that comes in Standard Time that will print those labels. You can also use Microsoft Word or there is a little app called Barcode Builder that prints on sticky labels-that come out on Avery labels.

Let's go ahead and take a look at this report that you can run in Standard Time. When you run this report you're going to choose a project. It will print out the project and the label and then all of the tasks underneath that. You see the tasks listed here, you see the duration of those tasks and then you get the labels.

Operators can scan the project name, the task name, they will also have to scan their employee name.

We've got the stop label at the bottom that will allow them to stop the timer. And then we've got a clear label that would clear the display so that other operators could go in and start scanning. You will have to install a certain font for this report to work. You can get the download link from our website. But that's the font you'll use.

Let's go ahead and switch over to the screen and take a look at how we can generate these labels. I've switched over to Standard Time to show you how that report got generated. I'm going to go ahead and click on the project tasks tab-you'll see 6 tabs along the top. Click on the project tasks tab shows you a list of all of your projects and tasks.

You can see the one selected here is the project that came out on that report. You can then see the two tasks that came out. This is actually a subproject which is not printed and you also see the durations for those tasks.

Before getting into the report you might consider going over to the file menu and choosing project wizard. You can then go through this wizard to create a new project and some tasks that you'll be able to print out. When you do you'll be able to go to the tools menu and choose projects.

This is the actual project here, and see a list of all of your projects that are in the system. The project task tab shows the actual tasks.

The report I was showing is hidden away; I put it into the management section of the reports. This is a downloaded report, not a stock report, you'll have to go to the Standard Time support people to get that. Click on that and click the projects tab and choose the actual project that you're going to print.

In this case it's the H1904 project and then go ahead and click OK. When you do this report will come up; it looks very much like what you saw on the paper.

You see the project that I've selected, the label for that, again you'll have to install the special font for barcode labels. See the actual tasks listed here, the duration and then their labels. Scroll down you see the stop label and then the clear. You can go to the file menu choose print or there is a little button you can click on the tool bar and that will print it out. Essentially all you have to do.

These won't print on sticky labels, these simply print on white paper. They are not like the barcode builder app that prints on the Avery labels in sequential order. This simply prints them right out on a normal sheet of paper that you can laminate, hand out to the operators and they can then begin scanning.

They'll have to scan their user name, scan the project, then the task and then the timer will start. You can, if you want to get a little adventurous, go into the design view. You see two tabs along the top. The design view allows you to go in and take a look at the actual fields that are in this report. You might consider saving a copy before you do that.

You can see that these are texts and they simply use a special font. You can see the font here that we showed earlier that you would download to print this report. Go back to the preview and this is what the report will look like.

You can ask for this report. It's free with Standard Time; the support people will have to give this to you. That's how that report is generated; very simple just click, click, click and out it comes.


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