Take a few baby steps to get your timesheet working for you.  It's so simple!



Not yet tracking time?  Not sure if there's any value?  Or not sure of the time tracking tools in the marketplace?  Try these baby steps to get started tracking time.  You'll get immediate value that will energize your plans.  This could be a lot more exciting than you ever thought.


Baby Step 1: Make a short list of projects

That's why you're considering tracking time, right?  You're tired of not knowing where all your employee time goes.  You're tired of jumping from one job to the next.  You're absolutely sure you're spending too much time on secondary stuff.  Is the high-priority stuff getting done at all?   Answer: maybe not!  But you won't know until you do some basic time tracking.  Try this timesheet!


Baby Step 2: Enter 8.0 hours per day

That's it.  Don't try to get fancy.  Just enter 8 hours for each project you work on.  Sure, you might have worked 2.5 on one project and  5.5 on another, but stick to the basics when first getting started.   There's no point in trying to get elaborate.  If you do, your timesheet adoption rate will drop like a rock.  There's a pie chart that shows a slice for each project.  Are you spending time on the most important projects?  This will tell!


Baby Step 3: Introduce categories

Tracking time to jobs only doesn't tell what you worked on.  It just tells that you worked on this one thing.  That's okay, but consider introducing categories to help define the "type of work" for each timesheet entry.  That doubles the amount of information you are collecting without any employee hardship.  In fact, they will love the fact that they are helping you understand where company time is going.  Use a pie chart to show where the category time breaks down.  Are you spending time on the most important kinds of work?  You'll see it right here!


Baby Step 4: Try project tasks

Categories are good.  Project Tasks are great!  The timesheet shows both, so you can ease tasks in slowly.  Tasks allow you to customize the list of items in the timesheet.  You can also assign them to employees so they only see the ones relevant to them.  That makes your timesheet even simpler to fill out.


Baby Step 5: Try vacation tracking, comp time, and PTO  accruals

There's a lot more to this than timesheets and time tracking.  After you get some success tracking hours, you can introduce tracking expenses, vacation, comp time, and all the other PTO time employees take off.  All that is mixed right into the timesheet!

You might really like these baby steps. Give them a try!

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