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Submitting Timesheets is optional, but it does help enforce your company policies.  Here's how:

Your company policies may require that employees submit their timesheets so you know they have looked them over and certified them to be correct.  This ensures that the employee has taken the effort to ensure that each time log entry is correct.  As a manager, your job just got a lot easier.  All you need to do is verify that the employee is working on the projects they should be working on, and generally has the correct number of hours for each one.  You can then approve each timesheet.

After one manager has approved the timesheets, they (optionally) go up to the next level of management.  This is called multi-level timesheet approvals, and allows multiple administrators to check employee hours.

Optionally, the tool allows you to lock timesheet so they cannot be edited.  (Actually, there is an option that locks the timesheet when the employee submits it.  This prevents editing as soon as the timesheet is submitted.)  Locking timesheets prevents them from being edited while managers are checking them and billing clients for the time.  If you don't lock down employee timesheets, you may miss hours that are added after the client invoice is sent out.

Again, we must point out that submitting, approving, and locking timesheets is optional.  But it is a good practice.  Actually, you could approve and/or lock timesheets without them first being submitted.  You could not require timesheet submittal at all; just have a manager go in and approve and lock each week.  This eliminates the extra hassle employees would be subjected to.

Clients can also approve time entries.  They can't approve a timesheet, because they don't have authority over individual employees.  But they can approve time logs, if you give them permission.  Simply choose Tools, Clients.  Click on a client, and check the option to allow them to log in.  They will need a password as well.  Your clients can log into the web edition.  They simply use their client name and the password you assign them.  When they log in, they will see all the time and expenses you have logged for them.  And, they can approve those items one-by-one.

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