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HR Managers: witness the combination of a simple employee timesheet with vacation tracking software.

Complete employee time tracking!


Employees simply enter their work hours and vacation time into the timesheet.  Managers can approve them both.  The image below shows time off policies for vacation tracking and other reasons.


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Vacation Tracking Software


Time Off Reasons
The program allows you to create your own reasons for time off, not just vacation.  As you can see from the image above, we have added several unique reasons for an example.  As you know, employee vacation tracking is really more than just that.  You must track Comp Time, Sick Time, Personal Time, Training, etc.  There are lots of reasons to track time off.

Time and Time Off
We display employee "project time" and "time off" in the same timesheet.  That means you can see your 40-hour week broken down by work time and vacation time.  In fact, you'll see all the time off reasons you have entered, and employees can choose to enter hours into any reason. Time Off Video.

Compensatory Time
The automatically accrual system tracks Compensatory Time, otherwise known as "Comp Time" just like other reasons for time off, like vacation.  You can choose to award comp time to employees for working more than their scheduled hours.  Choices are 1X, 1.5X, and 2X compensatory time.  And, just like other time off reasons, employees can see their available hours.

Time Off Policies
Each employee has their own time off policies.  In other words, you must keep track of how many hours they have available, how much they can earn, and when they earn it.  In fact, there are several other factors, like carrying hours over into the new year, etc.  All this time off tracking is available in one package.  Time Off Accruals Video.

Windows and Web-based Platforms
Our comp time policies run on both Windows and Web platforms.  That means you can administer employee vacation tracking from either platform, anywhere you might be - home, office, client site.  Just log in and check timesheets and time off policies for any employee.

We hope this has helped educate you on the Time Off system.  We hope you'll download a copy and give it a try.

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Video: Accrue Hours for PTO
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