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Standard Time 2022 Preview is Available!

Everything in ST is changing. Well, not everything. All the functionality of ST2021 is still available in ST2022. What's changing is the look. ST2022 looks totally different. It is so much easier to use... and so much easier to look at. Intuitive icons, simpler layout, quicker access to everything you do in ST.

And did you know ST2022 is available in the normal ST2021 download? Sure is! Go ahead and download today!

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Featured: Time Off

PTO and Vacation Tracking

Need a break? Request time off for vacation, sick, personal, or any other reason right from the timesheet Managers get an email and approve. Check your calendar, find meetings you'll miss, and then take off for fun in the sun!

Watch a PTO video here

pto and time off tracking

Featured: Project Management

timesheet software

Lite Project Management

Got a millstone around your neck? Try something simpler and more manageable. Build a simple project list. Or expand into a full hierarchy with phases and milestones. Assign employees, and everything instantly shows up in the timesheet where you collect hours.

Project Tracking Strategies

Featured: Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

Track time to projects and tasks. Bill clients with custom rates for each project and employee, start and stop timers, submit timesheets, and close out projects. You can do this!

Time tracking software features to meet individual or corporate needs: Track time to a full project and subproject hierarchy, or just your own to-do list. Invoice clients, bill internal clients, or just track employee hours. Document your time for reporting and status.  

Time tracking features

timesheet software


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