It would be a lot easier to say what I don't like about Scoutwest, which is, "Nothing!" I use this program and I find it to be among the best programs I have ever used. The user interface is consistent and convenient. The program is totally reliable - never a hiccup. The design is perfectly thought out - flexible, yet it allows me to track time without any hassles. Documentation of the software is clear and accurate. The support from Scoutwest has been better than any other software company I have known - questions are answered quickly. Communication with Scoutwest is easy: suggestions about additional functionality are truly heard. Though we do not need all of the functionality it offers, additional features do not get in the way of our simple need to track project time.

Our needs were simple: Track time spent of client projects in a central database so that we could know how many hours: * a project takes * each activity within a projects requires * are spent on re-work after training has been approved.

The convenience and reliability make it easy for team members to track time, allow the company to estimate future projects and to know the cost of projects that are inadequately planned.

David Bach
Instructional Designer, AT&T Wireless

Een zeer volledig product wat uitermate geschikt is voor een kleine management consulting firma met ambitieuze groeiplannen. De geboden functionaliteit is meer dan voldoende en er zijn mogelijkheden om rapportage naar eigen behoefte in te richten. Wat ons aanspraak is de schaalbaarheid en de ondersteuning van zowel Palm als PocketPC. De pre-sales support was zeer goed en heeft ons tijdens het testen veel beter geholpen dan de concurrenten.

Hilbrand Rustema
CEO, Noventum Management Consultants, Netherlands

I've only been using the program for about two weeks, now, but I love it!

As a consultant, it's very important that I be able to account for my time for billing and project management purposes. After I invested a little time reading the online documentation to understand the concepts, I began using it and rapidly fell in love with it. It allows me to track virtually anything to the minutest level of detail, if necessary. And it produces views and reports that are well organized and intuitive, as well as useful.

This is a great product, and well worth the nominal cost. I've been searching for a long time for a truly good time management product that could be used on both my Windows desktop and my Windows CE PDA. I think I've finally found the answer in this product.

Keep up the good work!

John N. Armstrong
Senior Partner, Objective Logic

This is an intuitive time registration application which is easy to use. The synchronization between the desktop and PDA can be trusted and works well without any bugs.

This system reduces the time needed for time billing and registration. Every month the output is used for client billing and no hours are missed or doubled to the customer.

Fred van Zegveld
Director, Iron BV

It fits my needs perfectly. It integrates with the two main systems I use to manage my projects, MS Project and Intuit QuickBooks and fills the gap left by those two products. We will never go back to the QuickBooks timer.

The technical support is great. I've called on several occasions and had all my questions answered immediately.

I'm thrilled with the program. I highly recommend it.

David McMurrain
President, NeoLogix, Inc

It takes the pain out of time tracking. The MS Windows and Palm OS applications are intuitive and very effective. With the quick task list tracking time is easy and with the built in graphics understanding time allocation is a piece of cake.

I use this to track billable and non-billable hours so that we can correctly invoice customers and better manage internal and external projects that would not otherwise be closely monitored from a man-time perspective. Time tracking is essential for effective project management and future project planning. It's impossible to correctly staff a software company if you don't know how long development takes and you don't know how long it takes to support an application once it has been released.

Brian Wolfe
Senior Software Engineer / Architect, Austin Provider Solutions

Price to value comparison can't be beat! Issue, defect, and change management are huge areas of Project Management (PM) concern. While there are a host of tools on the market to handle these types of PM focus areas, few have the flexibility and customization contained in Scoutwest's Standard Issue at such a reasonable cost. One of the most important aspects of any commercial off-the-shelf tool is the support behind it. Scoutwest's support, concern, and response rate to questions or concerns is fabulous. This was the single most important factor that swayed my decision to recommend Scoutwest to my organization for issue, defect, and change management.

Since our organization is in the beginning stages of developing a PMO, Scoutwest's Standard Issue tool has helped us easily overcome the learning curve in managing the important PM focus areas of issue, defect, and change management. As a Sr. PM attempting to develop a PMO as well as mentoring Project Leaders, the tool has been of great assistance in overcoming a hurdle in the PMO set-up process. Tools are just that! Tools! The processes we have put in place around the tool help us more efficiently manage our projects and organization. But, it does help significantly when the tool is as customizable and flexible as Scoutwest's Standard Issue.

Dale A. Bondanza
Project Coordination Supervisor, Brokerage Concepts, Inc.

This product has helped me tremendously! I have always had trouble tracking billable hours consistently. I really needed something that was straightforward to use. This product does just that. But, what really makes it practical for me is that I can take it wherever I go by synchronizing with my PDA. In this way, I can track my time properly whether in or out of the office.

- helps with consistent time tracking and billing
- has useful informational charts to get a "snapshot" of where you stand
- good reports included in package
- reports not included are easily made because it uses the Microsoft Access database format

Jim Morton
President, Jemstone Computer Services

This software is a great interface between my iPaq and our accounting software (QuickBooks). Usually I would spend a few hours a week trying to transcribe the data on my PDA into the QuickBooks database. Now I just sync the PDA to my desktop pc and import the service records directly into QuickBooks. The interface is easy to use and the configuration of the desktop software was quite simple. Good Job! Scoutwest eliminated the loss of billable hours due to the reentry of service records into our database. It also prevents the possible billable time by allowing the creation of a service ticket on the spot.

Joseph Helmstetter
Network Engineer, Axxes-IT, LLC

This is one of the best utilities I've ever seen. I really like it because it is powerful but easy to use with a clean, efficient user interface. It makes it so easy to track my time with just a few clicks. The ability to use it on both my desktop and PDA is invaluable because even when I'm away from the desk I can still log and monitor my time. The synchronization works amazingly well you don't even have to think about it.

As they say "time is money" and if we're so diligent with tracking our money, we should be the same with our time, and it just makes it effortless.

Pete Sciacchetano
Micro System Design

As a self employed software consultant I often find myself working for several different clients at the same time either on an hourly or day rate. The rates from client to client can vary depending upon the type of work I am doing - in this market you have to take what you can get!

Manual methods of tracking this type of work are time consuming and frequently involve a severe test of memory when the time comes to bill the client.

This product has changed all that. I can now keep a precise record of all my time against any client no matter how complex the mixture of client, project, task and rate are. The combination of mobile logging on my Compaq iPaq and synchronizing with the back end database is a real winner.

The built in reporting functionality and the ability to add more in Access if I need to give me all the tools I need to report to the clients on project/task time and to give me evidence to support my invoices to them. They also appreciate the honest approach to time logging and I am sure that this has encouraged them to come back to me with more work.

Thank you Scoutwest!

Charles Ward

I use the tool to track my consulting hours. There were three main factors that led me to choose this product.

  1. It integrated with QuickBooks
  2. It had a Pocket PC version
  3. Support was super fast and responsive to my questions and request.

It has already saved me the money that I paid for it.

Ted Leung
Sauria Associates, LLC

I searched the internet looking for a good defect tracking program. Standard Issue was clearly superior to all the other defect tracking programs I tried out. It had the features and level of detail I was looking for. I also use the timesheet every day which helps me graphically keep track of where my time is being spent. It even integrates with my MS Project.

Tony Celsi
Owner, Fast Track Software

If your looking for a REAL labor tracking program you need not look any more. This is the leading edge of all time keeping programs today. Best of all its designer kept the PDA users in mind. I am one of those users who does not sit at a desk all day long. I am always on the go with my PDA. I get interrupted a lot and keeping track of those interruptions was one of my biggest issues when it came time to tally up the hours for the week, but not any more, it makes my labor simpler and quicker. No more paper work. It has the capability to show you where you spend most of your time and helps you spend your time more effectively. I can review my past labor and chart what I can do to be more productive. If you're more than a one-man show like me, this program shines even brighter, because it allows you to share your time database other member of your team through SQL Server. Best of all you get to try it for 30 days free. A fully operational labor time program and the PDA program is free.

Dale Etchells

This is a great little app for our consulting business. It's ability to interface seamlessly from our PDA's to laptops combined with its full features has made it our de facto choice for time tracking. The product is very simplistic but full featured to handle our time tracking needs. Using MS-Access as the database engine means if we ever need to add a report or query that the folks at Scoutwest didn't anticipate, we can easily support ourselves. I'm happy to report that so far we've had a trouble free install with this product. The customer service has been exceptional with the fastest e-mail support we have ever seen.

We certainly recommend this product to anyone interested in tracking their time via PC/PDA type set-ups. A great value.

Brad Hunt
Executive Vice President, eMavericks

Our company has been looking for a time management program that integrates timesheets with project status while assisting with Accounts Receivable invoicing. This Product is that and more. I was surprised when I first saw our needs were met, but I was ecstatic when I saw the management potential for this product. Thanks guys, you've really done your homework.

J Saverance, Managing Surveyor
Precision Surveying, Inc.

Standard Issue helps us to keep track of bugs and flaws before delivery to our customers, and to keep track of issues like change requests during our products' life cycle.

Henrik Otterstad Nilsen
Development Manager, Electric Farm

Being responsible for the consulting area of Tranquilidade, the need off management and control of the projects where my team is involved is huge!! With this tool, those problems are gone. It allowed me to optimize the work and effort of my team in order to reach the objectives planed. The integration with Microsoft Project is great.

Artur Duarte
Engineer, Insurance Company Tranquilidade

It is extremely rare that I go out of my way to boast about software, but in this case, it is much deserved. Over the years I have tried many time tracking solutions but I finally found what I believe is the best offering by far. As a company that provides live technical support I have always maintained the philosophy that human interaction is a must in technical support. I instantly saw that Scoutwest shares the same philosophy. The intuitive, yet feature rich, interface has a solid grasp on my every need as a busy contractor. I highly recommend this software.

Dan LeBoeuf
CEO, velodev

I've been searching for a comprehensive way to log my time and projects while on the road and in the office - I found it. I'd highly recommended it.

Simon Wilcox
Strategic Marketing Director, Esprio Limited

This app provides New World Technologies with efficient means to manage our development operations. The program's startup wizard got us up and running in no time.

Once setup a single click on the system tray icon starts a task. When the task is complete or you're done working on that particular task for the moment, a single click on the same icon will end the task.

The timesheet is also flexible, time entries can be done manually and it's use of an ODBC compliant database system gives access to the data tables. This makes integration with other applications possible.

Derrick Linder
President, New World Technologies, Inc.

The project we are involved in is the C4I Project, and the Security Operations Project under the Olympic Games Security Division of the ATHENS 2004 Games. Our role is Olympic Security Planning & Integration Support (Project Management). We recently started using Standard Issue as a communication tool between Workgroups and Managers concerning issues, BFI Items, Contract Terms, Watchlists and Tasks. In Large scale projects it is very important to keep track of all the details and changes and channel the information as quickly as possible towards the right direction. Standard Issue has proven to be an excellent tool for all of the above. It really helped as. I have to mention as well the excellent support we received from Scoutwest towards the fine tuning of the software to completely meet our needs.

5 Stars and thumbs up for an excellent product and excellent support behind it.

Apostolos Topalidis
Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004

I have used the software for a few days now and I already like it. It's a very simple yet effective tool with great reporting capabilities. Syncing with my Palm works great. Very useful SW!!

Siebe van Elsloo

Managing software development projects, just became a little bit easier since I started using Standard Issue. We had used Excel spreadsheets and trying to keep track of emails was a nightmare. But Standard Issue has allowed me to keep my arms around all the issues, bugs and enhancements needed on my projects, as well as provide professional PDF reports and analysis. It really is easy to use and configured to my projects and business within minutes. I would definitely recommend Standard Issue to others project managers.

Patricia Good
Excellence in Motivation

This app is a God-send! With just a few clicks and key strokes, it incrementally builds a complete yet concise record of all my project-task activities for a host of internal clients within our organization - whether working at the PC or remotely with my [Dell] Axim - and easily helps me track interruptions as they occur. I depend on it! The time management has become an indispensable application for tracking our developers' billable and non-billable time as well.

Its interface is intuitive. Synchronization of the data between the platforms is rock solid. The packaged reports and graphical charts are telling; providing for data export and additional reporting is appreciated. as is the goodness of Jesus Christ who gave his life as a ransom for us all.

Kudos to the design team... Thanks for a great product!

Mark Christianson
General Council of the Assemblies of God

As a sole supplier in the service sector I find it very important to keep track of where I spend my time, be it searching for new business or actually performing revenue earning activities. If I had to write myself a system that provided this these facilities it would take me away from running the business and cost me a considerable amount more than the cost of this product.

Phil Vale
Elephant Solutions

Billable time has always been an issue for us. It always takes longer than we think and without tracking we would never know this. Not to mention with WebDesign clients we were forgetting to bill for small changes. Once we started using project tasks to track our design work we got an immediate payback. When I say immediate, I mean within one week the software had paid for itself. We are in the business of support and we have to say Scoutwest support is second to none. Great product, great support and something we can't afford to be without.

Rich McCabe

I have used time keeping software for years on my palm, integrating it with QuickBooks. I switched to this timesheet when I purchased a new laptop. I am extremely pleased - unlike my previous software that cost me thousands of dollars of my time in unsupported software problems, the program does everything it professes.

Even better - the folks at Scoutwest are readily available, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Tech support is available by email or phone and I am able to speak directly with a knowledgeable programmer.

I would recommend this software to anyone needing to track their time.

Alan Marks

I highly recommend this product. It is is easy to use and configure. The palm application works seamlessly with the desktop version. However, the best part is the customer service. I requested some customization of the product to better fit my needs and within a day, the changes that I wanted were available. I have evaluated similar time tracking programs and by far, this one works the best.

Louis Lipp

The software paid for itself during the trial period. I am more effective at billing all of my work and don't rely on my memory or paper trails anymore. I use the PDA collection and the interface with QuickBooks. It works like a charm!

I am a computer consultant/technician and operate my own company. I work with many different customers during a week. It was difficult to keep track of the amount of time spent with each customer and what projects for each customer. I have a PDA that I use for notes and addresses. I use QuickBooks for my accounting software. I wanted software that provided a PDA interface and integrated into QuickBooks.

The implementation was simple. After installing the software I exported timer information from QuickBooks and brought it into ST. I then installed the PDA application and synched the data. From that point on, every time I synched up, my time was updated to ST. When it came time for invoicing, I imported the timer file that ST created into QuickBooks. I tweaked my time using QuickBooks timesheets and automatically transferred the timesheet to the invoice. Tracking and invoicing have been simplified and reduced the amount of paperwork and time spent in accounting.

John Panzenhagen
Personal Technician

The best thing about this program is the support I received when transferring my data from one computer to the other. Thanks to Scoutwest!

Richard Affleck
Consultant, Australia

We required more accountability for allocation of billable time in our software development firm, and found the program on Google while researching solutions. The installation was quick and easy, and integration to QuickBooks required only a few minutes. After a few minutes of reading and a quick phone call to stdtime support, all of our time management problems were resolved.

Quentin Krengel

As an engineering consultant who uses QuickBooks for accounting, I find the timesheet to be the perfect tool for logging my hours/expenses and billing my clients. I've tried several other time keeping programs, some desktop and some for the PDA, and none hold a candle to this app with regard to ease of use, flexibility, and database stability. I haven't lost an hour with this program.

Dave D'Epagnier
Consulting Engineer

Number of users: 15
Managers: 2
Database: MS SQL
Problems to solve:
- Increase the level of service.
- Provide IT human resource usage information to the other areas in the company.
- Project tracking.
- Give information about post implementation activities.

Peter Nagy
Saga-Foods, Hungary

Customer support has been phenomenal with this product. Thank you very much Scoutwest.

Steven Young
Jost Architects Ltd, Canada

We have been very impressed with the Technical Support and Support Means & Methods utilized by Scoutwest, Inc. This support and technical advice was rendered to us during our trial period and was crucial in our decision to purchase the software for our firm.

Case: McFarland-Dyer & Associates, Inc. purchased the software for our Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Firm. We will be implementing the software to track time for 26 employees. We will be integrating our time management with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software, as well as with Microsoft Project Standard 2003 which we use for our Project Management tasks. The Technical Support provided by Scoutwest, Inc. has been exceptional to date.

Teresa Trettel
Operations Manager, McFarland-Dyer & Associates, Inc.

Wohl die beste Lösung im Bereich Zeiterfassung und -Management! Uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen

Case: Mehrplatz-Installation, Anpassung von Reporten, Integration mit QuickBooks, Palm Integration

Alexander Frick
IT-Consultant, Germany

This timesheet program has helped me track time on projects. Being a sole proprietor I am on the road and having multiple ways to connect to enter time has bettered my time tracking. no more forgetting to submit time.

Joseph Erschens

I use ST in a simple manner, but it's Windows Pocket PC support is brilliant for me. Being able to export the standard reports to Excel makes it ideal.

I work from my desk and at client offices. For some jobs, time is started at my offcice and completed at theirs. Being able to start the time log on my my PC and then stop it on the pocket PC is just what I need. Needless to say, it works the other way around too. As I don't charge all my time logs, I have saved custom reports in ST, which can be printed or exported to Excel. I have used ST for 4 or 5 years and continue to be pleased with it. Although the other staff don't use Pocket PC's, I am considering making it available to another employee for a trial period, then possibly to the others. Whilst we haven't used the QuickBooks interface, we may consider that also at a later date.

Colin Langlois
Best Books Ltd

This saves me a lot of Time to collect the information I need to write invoices for my contracts. The fast and uncomplicated collecting of time entries for different projects I like most of the product.

I am using this product as single user and it is used on my Palm treo680, which has been installed by me. From my point of view, I could tell that I cannot remember of any problems installing and or using the product.

Thomas Peetz
Ingenieurbuero Thomas Peetz

I can't say enough good things about my experience using this app. As a small consultancy, tracking every minute of my time efficiently is critical to my success. The task is made extra challenging, with the number of projects that I'm typically involved with every day. Since I started using the program in 2005, my time per project has always been tracked accurately. As an added benefit, the administration time required to monitor project budgets and generate client invoices has been reduced substantially. On the two occasions when I needed technical support (due to my lack of familiarity with the program, and not a software issue), I chose to submit my questions outside of normal business hours by e-mail and consistently received precise, prompt and personalized (yes, personalized!) support in response. Bottom line: Great program; excellent customer support.

Thanks, Scoutwest

John Elliott, APR, Principal Counsel
Truepointe Public Relations

Het is opmerkelijk hoeveel 'kleine uurtjes' wegglippen als je geen goede tijdsregistratie gebruikt. Standardtime biedt alle opties die wij nodig hebben, inclusief de mogelijkheid om gedetailleerde specificaties bij de facturen te voegen. Een ware aanwinst in versie 7 is de mogelijkheid om "Daily hours" te gebruiken bij de weergave van een hele week. Gaten in de registratie (die vergeten kwartiertjes) worden zo eenvoudig zichtbaar.

Hans van Diest
Adviesbureau De Versnelling BV


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