Resource Allocation For Future Task Availability

Standard Time® is primarily a time tracking product for client billing and project management, but it also has a complete resource allocation feature.  And it also offers full employee availability for future tasks assigned to team members.  You can search by skill-set, and assign tasks to under-allocated employees.  Watch the resource allocation video.

Here is a resource allocation chart produced by our product.  In this example, you can see that the resource is running out of hours, and may be a candidate for assignment to future projects.  (Choose View, Project Resource Allocation to see the full chart.)


Resource Allocation Report
Hours assigned to resources into the future


In the app, project tasks have the following fields that affect resource allocation.  Download a copy now!

    - Resource assignment (users and groups)
    - Start and due dates
    - Remaining duration


Resources (users in the program) are allocated to tasks in the Project Task view.  There, you can manage all the tasks and their assignments.  After building a series of tasks for each project, choose View, Project Resource Allocation to view the resource allocation dialog.  You will see a graphical bar chart that represents the time allocated to each resource.  You can quickly see if a task is over-allocated, under-allocated, or correctly allocated.

Blue bars represent correctly allocated time, while red and yellow bars represent over and under allocated time periods.  Time periods are adjustable for Day, Week, Month, and Quarter.  A single bar represents each time period.


Resource Allocation Dialog


In addition to the bar chart, the resource allocation dialog provides two grid views.  You can see time allocated in a task hierarchy, and time allocated to users in a resource hierarchy.  The same information is presented, but in textual form.

    - Resource allocation
    - Resource planning
    - Resource scheduling
    - Employee availability
    - Over allocation
    - Under allocation
    - Resource utilization
    - Effective billing rates


Microsoft Project MPP Timesheet

Standard Time® integrates its timesheet directly with Microsoft Project MPP files for time tracking and project management.  That means that you can track time to tasks with a weekly timesheet within your Project Server SQL Server database, and MPP Project files.  Simply assign tasks to all the members of your project, use the Project Integration Wizard, and you are ready to track time!  Time tracking for Microsoft Project has never been so simple.

Here's how Microsoft Project Integration works:

After completing the Microsoft Project Integration Wizard, users will see project tasks within the timesheet for all the tasks that are assigned to them.  These project tasks can be marked as Quick Tasks so that you can simply click on the check box next to a task to begin tracking time, or enter time for them in the weekly timesheet.  The program will update the MPP Project file with the time worked, time remaining, and percent complete.  That means you can open the Microsoft Project schedule at any time and see the work that has been performed on any task for any user.  Your project schedule comes alive with up-to-the-minute task tracking. 

Imagine finally being able to create a project schedule that is dynamically updated by every member of the team as the project progresses!  Imagine... having project status that is current and available for status meetings.  Imagine... having a simple time tracking solution for Microsoft Project.  Imagine... having detailed breakdown reports of project anatomy and knowing where all that time is spent.  This wonderful tool gives you that, and more!


Microsoft Project Videos

Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 1

Synchronize your timesheet with MS Project using an add-in. A single click from within Microsoft Project syncs.

Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 2

Steps to integrate your timesheet with MS Project. After integration, you can refresh project tasks any time you like.

Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 3

Question: Should you use MS Project or native ST projects? Both have their advantages.



Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 1

Automatically synchronize your MPP files with your timesheet. Come into the office in the morning to find all your tasks up to date.

Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 2

Learn the basics of Microsoft Project Integration with this simple whiteboard video

Barcode Scanner and Timer, Part 3

Short interview describing the Microsoft Project integration with employee timesheets



Sync MS Project Materials and Costs, Part 1

Synchronize MS Project resource tasks with your timesheet. Employees add or modify tasks that are sent to MS Project.

Sync MS Project Materials and Costs, Part 1

Synchronize MS Project resource costs with your timesheet. Human resources, material resources, and other expenses -- Part 1.

Sync MS Project Materials and Costs, Part 2

Part 2 in the series of synchronizing MS Project materials and costs. This focuses on sending materials up to MSP.




If you use Microsoft Project, the benefits are clear.
    - Time tracking, time sheets, and project tasks
    - Web based time sheet for Microsoft Project Tasks
    - Synchronize task to PDA's
    - Detailed reporting
    - Works with QuickBooks
    - Project planning and project management


Microsoft Project links: Sync Microsoft Project with Timesheet, Integrate with Microsoft Project, Use MS Project or ST for projects?

More Project Tracking Strategies Here

Timesheet Calculator

Need a timesheet calculator to add up weekly time?  Need to total up project time for each day, week, pay period, and billing cycle?  Have you looked at our Timesheet Calculator?

Our offering allows employees to enter hours for multiple projects.  It shows only projects that are assigned to them, and shows daily and weekly totals at the bottom.  You simply enter the hours into the weekly timesheet, and we calculate the results. Download a copy for free!

                     - Daily Totals
                     - Weekly Totals
                     - Project Totals
                     - Pay Period Totals
                     - Overtime Totals
                     - Employee and Client Totals

Our timesheet not only calculates weekly hours, but also keeps track of salary, overtime, and client billing amounts.  There is no need to manually calculate client invoice amounts.  We can manage multiple project rates for multiple employees.  The results are automatic.

The program runs on both Windows and Web platforms.  That means you can choose the platform that works best for your employees.  Simply install the software, and your timesheet calculations are taken care of.  No more manual calculations!

Works with QuickBooks and other accounting software
Do you use QuickBooks for accounting?  If so, you can export its time directly to the QuickBooks Timesheet.  From there, you can bill clients or pay hourly employees.  The Timesheet Calculator will total weekly hours that will transfer directly to QB or other accounting software.

What are the benefits and features?

  • Timesheet Calculator
  • Client Billing
  • Track Time Off (vacation, etc.)
  • Windows and Web
  • Project Management



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