Project Milestones

Looking for a simple method to track project milestones, tasks, and events?  Have a workgroup of employees who each track time for their project tasks?  That's what we're all about!  We recognize that employees don't always know how precious their salaried time is, or even how important their billable time is.  They'll happily burn hours on tasks until they perfect every aspect, but forget that dozens of other tasks await.  Or, they may fail to move tasks to completion in a timely manner.  None of this inherently the fault of the employee; it's the fault of the process.  We help keep that process on track.
We offer a simple time tracking product that seamlessly incorporates project tasks and milestones.  It has a Gantt chart for administrators and a Timesheet for employees.  The image below illustrates the Project Task view.  While administrators can manage project tasks and milestones, employees will just see the task name in their timesheet.  They can enter hours against them.  When they reach a specified limit, the system locks them out.  Of course, they can get permission to continue with the task, but this helps keep the project on track.


Project Milestones and Task Tracking
Project Milestones


Tasks and Milestones You can track time to a milestone, but normally employees will track time to the tasks leading up to them.  Milestones don't show up in the timesheet unless you want them to.  But they do provide a nice "sanity check" for project evaluation.

Video: How To Keep Projects On Track 
Keeping Projects on Track

Milestone Tracking


Works with MS Project       Our product integrates with Microsoft Project to display project tasks in the employee timesheet.  This is an optional feature, but if used, it will let you view your MSP tasks and enter hours against them.  You'll send your hours back to MSP when finished. Learn about MS Project Integration

Features and benefits

  • Simple time tracking solution
  • Employee timesheet
  • Client project tracking
  • Client billing
  • Project management
  • Time off tracking


QuickBooks Timesheet

The simplest timesheet for small to medium sized companies!

You may have come to this page while looking for information regarding the QuickBooks Timesheet.  While you're here, read a little about this robust product.  First and foremost, it is a replacement for the QuickBooks Timer, and integrates with QuickBooks by sending time data into the QuickBooks Timesheet.  The product runs on Windows and Web platforms so you have access from anywhere.  All time data can be easily transferred to the QuickBooks Timesheet to pay employees, and bill clients.  It's the perfect combination for consultancies!
  Download a copy and try it for free

Watch QuickBooks Video:
Video: QuickBooks Integration


Perfect for consultants   This is the perfect time tracking tool for consultants.  It contains a timesheet, timer, tasks, and multi-user employee access.  Employees or consultant log time using the world-class time tracking features, and then transfer that information to the QuickBooks Timesheet.  Consultants love it because it is simple to use, and you never loose time that you could have charged clients for.  An app like this can save you $155 per month - per employee!  Easily!

What are the features and benefits?

  • Weekly timesheet software
  • Transfer time to QuickBooks Timesheet
  • View employee timesheets
  • Submit, approve, and lock timesheets
  • Expense tracking, with import into QuickBooks check register
  • Plan project tasks, and view rollups of project status
  • Windows, Web, Palm OS, and Pocket PC versions (all in one price)
  • Management reports showing where your time is spent!

Sick Leave Tracking Software

Standard Time® offers sick leave tracking, vacation tracking, and employee timesheets in one integrated suite.  Employees can enter sick leave hours, vacation, and other reasons for time off into the  timesheets.  Totals for the week are displayed at the bottom.  This combines regular work hours with sick leave and other time off.  Download a copy to try it out.

Employee Time Off Each employee has their own sick leave, vacation, personal time, and other hours for time off.  Automated accruals keep track of the number of hours available for each person, and for each reason.  You earn new hours every month or year, and the program even implements policies like "use it or lose it" and prevents hording hours that could eventually be used against the company when an employee leaves.

Sick Leave Accrual Each employee can accrue sick leave differently.  For instance, some can accrue hours weekly, while another might accrue monthly or yearly.  And, the amount of sick leave accrued may be different.  Click here for vacation tracking information.

Taking Sick Leave Employees deduct sick time from their bank by entering hours into the timesheet.  All time off is combined with regular work hours, and the totals are shown at the bottom of the timesheet.  Email notifications are send to managers any time sick leave, vacation, or other time off is requested.

More than Time Off Tracking
The product is actually more than just sick leave tracking.  It combines project tracking, timesheets, expense tracking, and client billing.  This gives you a comprehensive package for time and expense tracking.



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Within minutes of installation you will become inspired to tackle those timekeeping issues that have troubled your organization.  You'll find simple solutions you can implement immediately.

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