What an awesome way to track client billable hours!

Use your Android or iPhone while you're on the road.  Simple screens let you pick clients and projects, and enter your notes.  You see a sorted list of all your entries that you can scroll through.  When you're ready, just sync your time and expenses to the Web Edition, and keep going.  That's about all there is to it.

Connectivity issues... gone!

Forgot your client hours... gone!

Forgot to log time for your employer... gone!

It's all on the app now!


iphone phone   android phone



Pick your device


App Downloads



In either case, you'll have the following choices and features on your smartphone

  • Start and stop a timer
  • Or, enter complete time log records
  • Enter notes
  • Choose a client that represents the work you do for them
  • Choose a project, you can have multilple projects for each client
  • Choose a category to represent the type of work you are doing
  • View a summary of your daily, weekly, and monthly hours


Watch time tracking on smartphones videos:

androidtimeandexpenses    androidsyncwithcloud







Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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