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Web Timesheet


Windows Edition

Web Timesheet or Windows

Employees can access the timesheet with:

     A web browser or
    The native Windows app
    Android and iOS smartphones

Projects and tasks make tracking jobs easy.  You get

    Task warnings when nearly complete
    Track actual verses estimates

 Timesheet Tasks

Timesheet Tasks

 Timesheet Tasks

Time Logs

A simple time log list helps identify timesheet entries.  Use them to:

    View client rates and charges
    See approved and rejected time entries
    Filter and sort by any column

Track expenses, mileage, and vehicles.  See

    Approved employee expenses
    Find mileage for a specified vehicle
    Export time and expenses to QuickBooks

 Timesheet Tasks

Expense and Mileage Tracking

Timesheet Tasks

PTO and Time Off Tracking

Time Off tracking is built-in.  No extra charge for:

    Weekly, monthly, and yearly accruals
    Approve or reject time off requests
    Watch for meetings and blackout periods

Bill clients for time and expenses.  Add these to invoices:

    Time records from timesheet
    Expenses and mileage
    Invoice record fields

Timesheet Tasks

Client Invoicing

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