Project Tasks

Consider this a dashboard view of your tasks and to-do items. Tasks for the projects you are working on are displayed here.

Wide rows represent the projects and subprojects; narrow rows represent the actual tasks.  A complete hierarchy of tasks may appear here.


The timesheet is the main page or purpose of the app.  You see all the projects you are assigned to, days of the week, and totals at the bottom.

Time Logs

The Time Log page is similar to the timesheet in that the same time entries are displayed here.  But in this page, the entries are listed from top to bottom in list format rather than assembled in daily columns.


Expenses and mileage are listed in a top-to-bottom list, like the Time Log.


Invoice records are listed here.  Create invoices for clients you do business with.

Time Off

Time off requests are all listed here.  Adminisrators see all the time off requests for employees under them, while normal employees only see their own.  Normally, time off requests are entered into the timesheet, but they are also displayed here, like the Time Log page.


Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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