Need a timesheet calculator to add up weekly time?  Need to total up project time for each day, week, pay period, and billing cycle?  Have you looked at our Timesheet Calculator?

Our offering allows employees to enter hours for multiple projects.  It shows only projects that are assigned to them, and shows daily and weekly totals at the bottom.  You simply enter the hours into the weekly timesheet, and we calculate the results. Download a copy for free!

                     - Daily Totals
                     - Weekly Totals
                     - Project Totals
                     - Pay Period Totals
                     - Overtime Totals
                     - Employee and Client Totals

Our timesheet not only calculates weekly hours, but also keeps track of salary, overtime, and client billing amounts.  There is no need to manually calculate client invoice amounts.  We can manage multiple project rates for multiple employees.  The results are automatic.

The program runs on both Windows and Web platforms.  That means you can choose the platform that works best for your employees.  Simply install the software, and your timesheet calculations are taken care of.  No more manual calculations!

Works with QuickBooks and other accounting software
Do you use QuickBooks for accounting?  If so, you can export its time directly to the QuickBooks Timesheet.  From there, you can bill clients or pay hourly employees.  The Timesheet Calculator will total weekly hours that will transfer directly to QB or other accounting software.

What are the benefits and features?

  • Timesheet Calculator
  • Client Billing
  • Track Time Off (vacation, etc.)
  • Windows and Web
  • Project Management



Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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