Standard Time® offers sick leave tracking, vacation tracking, and employee timesheets in one integrated suite.  Employees can enter sick leave hours, vacation, and other reasons for time off into the  timesheets.  Totals for the week are displayed at the bottom.  This combines regular work hours with sick leave and other time off.  Download a copy to try it out.

Employee Time Off Each employee has their own sick leave, vacation, personal time, and other hours for time off.  Automated accruals keep track of the number of hours available for each person, and for each reason.  You earn new hours every month or year, and the program even implements policies like "use it or lose it" and prevents hording hours that could eventually be used against the company when an employee leaves.

Sick Leave Accrual Each employee can accrue sick leave differently.  For instance, some can accrue hours weekly, while another might accrue monthly or yearly.  And, the amount of sick leave accrued may be different.  Click here for vacation tracking information.

Taking Sick Leave Employees deduct sick time from their bank by entering hours into the timesheet.  All time off is combined with regular work hours, and the totals are shown at the bottom of the timesheet.  Email notifications are send to managers any time sick leave, vacation, or other time off is requested.

More than Time Off Tracking
The product is actually more than just sick leave tracking.  It combines project tracking, timesheets, expense tracking, and client billing.  This gives you a comprehensive package for time and expense tracking.




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