These fields will be mapped, when connecting ST to QB.

  1. Customer:Job in QB, mapped to Project in ST (which means all your customers and sub-jobs will show up in the timesheet as projects)
  2. Service Items in QB, mapped to Category in ST (which is the type of work or person doing it)
  3. Optionally map employee to Payroll Type
  4. Optionally map time records to Class

Other things you can do with QB data:

  1. Show or hide Customer:Jobs in the timesheet
  2. Create project tasks that map to Service Items
  3. Connect MS Project MPP files to Customer:Jobs
  4. Connect MS Project tasks to Service Items
  5. Track time to any task or service item
  6. Export time by date range




Hello consultant’s and business owners. I’m Mike with Standard Time®, thanks for joining me.

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