Using mileage records for tax purposes? Enter mileage records as expenses. That may include odometer readings, distance, vehicles, or other mileage related information.

All the time and expenses entered on smartphones (including mileage) is synchronized with the desktop or cloud. That means it is immediately available in the corporate database for reporting.

Look for the IRS government mileage rate in the user profile on the Windows or Web Editions. The total mileage expense is the distance times this rate. For instance, a 100 mile trip at $0.60 per mile is $60. That's significant, and worth recording.



Consultants, got a new gig?
Hey, I’m Mike and I’m with Standard Time®. Take a look at this!

If you’re consulting and traveling you have to keep track of your mileage.

That’s the only way to get a tax deduction for it. Consultants do it every day.

But how?
On a piece of paper? Adding up mileage with a calculator or spreadsheet? For a whole year!

I don’t think so!!!
Listen, I found a better way and its right here.
Standard Time records mileage just like it records expenses.
You enter the vehicle, a description and the distance.
Or enter the odometer readings, and Standard Time calculates the distance.
Either way, you get a deduction from the IRS.
And what consultant can use that?

I’m Mike. I’m a consultant. And I love this!
Download a free trial of Standard Time at their website today and let me know what you think.


Watch the short intro timesheet videos on YouTube








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