Choose View, Project Resource Allocation to see an employee availability graph.

Actually, the availability graph is just the inverse of the allocation graph. In other words, when an employee is dedicated to certain projects and tasks, they are not available. So it's the opposite.

How do you get the graph to work? Just assign users to projects and/or tasks. That's it. The graph automatically works.  It either takes a percentage of a person's daily schedule for a project, or it takes the duration of the tasks their assigned to.  Either one. But that's all you have to do to make it work.



Hi, my name is Mike and I’m with Standard Time® Timesheets.

I wanted to show you something today that you may have not be aware that Standard Time does. It can give you a graph to forecast all of your employee’s availability.

So, for instance, let’s take this graph. We have allocated hours, time in months. Let’s say this is Josh’s availability. So we see in May that Josh has some time that we can put on some new projects. But in August, maybe not so much.

This is like candy to engineering and consulting firms. You can’t run a business without it! And ST makes it quick and easy.

I’m Mike thanks so much for joining me and we’ll catch you next time.


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