Standard Time® is primarily a time tracking product for client billing and project management, but it also has a complete resource allocation feature.  And it also offers full employee availability for future tasks assigned to team members.  You can search by skill-set, and assign tasks to under-allocated employees.  Watch the resource allocation video.

Here is a resource allocation chart produced by our product.  In this example, you can see that the resource is running out of hours, and may be a candidate for assignment to future projects.  (Choose View, Project Resource Allocation to see the full chart.)


Resource Allocation Report
Hours assigned to resources into the future


In the app, project tasks have the following fields that affect resource allocation.  Download a copy now!

    - Resource assignment (users and groups)
    - Start and due dates
    - Remaining duration


Resources (users in the program) are allocated to tasks in the Project Task view.  There, you can manage all the tasks and their assignments.  After building a series of tasks for each project, choose View, Project Resource Allocation to view the resource allocation dialog.  You will see a graphical bar chart that represents the time allocated to each resource.  You can quickly see if a task is over-allocated, under-allocated, or correctly allocated.

Blue bars represent correctly allocated time, while red and yellow bars represent over and under allocated time periods.  Time periods are adjustable for Day, Week, Month, and Quarter.  A single bar represents each time period.


Resource Allocation Dialog


In addition to the bar chart, the resource allocation dialog provides two grid views.  You can see time allocated in a task hierarchy, and time allocated to users in a resource hierarchy.  The same information is presented, but in textual form.

    - Resource allocation
    - Resource planning
    - Resource scheduling
    - Employee availability
    - Over allocation
    - Under allocation
    - Resource utilization
    - Effective billing rates



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