Why submit timesheets for approval? And why endure the admin overhead of timesheet approvals?

Isn't all that administrative time a waste? Non-profitable overhead?

Maybe not, if you're a consulting firm... (scroll down for a video)

Consulting agencies need to make sure their client billable hours are perfect. It's hard enough to make money at this, but losing a few hours here and there kills profit as much as slacking off. Losing an hour is exactly like not working that hour.

Submitting and approving timesheets is just another way to put another set of eyes on the billable hours. A quickie check. Make sure hours are on the correct client, project, and tasks. Then you invoices will come out right, every time.

Does your time tracking app do this?



Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time. You’ve asked, we listened now we’re answering. How’s it going Ray?

Ray: Hey!

We have a question about client billing. Want to make sure, do a double check that we’re billing our clients for all the time that we have put in. How do we do that within Standard Time?

Let’s switch over to the screen, I can think of one quick way to do that.

That is the submit for approval button. That allows the consultants to be part of the process; they can submit their timesheets, certify their timesheets are correct.

I’m going to switch over to last week, click this button and up pops a little dialog box telling me I only have to do this once. Normally they would do this on a Friday afternoon or on a Monday. When they do they are going to get this little icon, a certification icon is what you’re looking for in the upper right corner. Saying that the timesheet has been submitted.

This also shows a lot, that’s another feature I have turned on here where the consultant cannot make any changes to their timesheet. Now that we’ve done that, the employees have done that, all on Friday Monday morning.

The manager can go to the tools menu choose approve time and expenses, they will see pending timesheets here. I’m going to click approve date range button and here you will see a list of all of the people who have submitted and those who have not submitted, you’ll see the dates
over on the right hand side.

We all have consultants and employees that forget to put in their time. Is there a way in Standard Time to send notifications about that?

Yeah, a couple ways. You can actually set up two different email notifications. One would be sent to the employee telling them you forgot to submit your timesheet maybe your timesheet contains fewer hours than we’re expecting. Those sort of things. Another one would go to the manager and it would tell the manager a list of all the people who have not submitted their timesheets.

Thanks Ray. If you haven’t down loaded Standard Time yet do it today. If you have one of those employees that keeps forgetting to send their time in this is a great way to keep on top of that. Let us know what you think. Send us your questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Talk to you soon.


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