Here are the choices and rules available for managing employee PTO, vacation, and other time off. (scroll down for the video)


Time off policy choices and rules
Name Description
Reason You can define as many reasons for taking time off as you like.  Examples are vacation, sick, personal, training, bereavement, or annual. The choices are yours. You create the list that serves your organization.
Available The number of hours available to the selected employee, for each reason. For example Bob has 100 hours available for vacation, but only 12 hours available for personal time. Mary has 40 hours for vacation and 6 for personal.
Earn Hours The number of hours the employee can earn for each time off reason. Bob can earn 1.5 hours of vacation per week. Ted earns .667 hours per week.
Earn Period When hours are earned. Choices are weekly, semimonthly, monthly, and yearly.
Reset to zero When hours are reset to zero. Choices are never, monthly, yearly.
Carry over How many hours may be carried over into the new year.
Date of hire When the employee was hired, or began accruing hours for each time off reason. Yearly accruals occur on this day.
Accrue date When monthly hours accrue.
Don't exceed The number of hours to cap an employees hours at. This prevents hording and oversaving.
Overdraft The number of hours that can be temporarily borrowed when submitting a time off request.



Today on Standard Time®; PTO, vacation accruals and you. Up next. Mike with Standard Time back with Ray White of Scoutwest the developers of Standard Time. Ray, my company determines vacation depending on years. How do we do that in Standard Time?

Ray: Ok. People who have been there a long time get more vacation than those who have just joined.

Let’s switch over to the time off tab and I’m going to right click and show you how to set up time off policies. So these policies would be for each employee in the company. Pick time off policies and I’m looking at Buzz Aldrin, you can see the different kinds of time off that he can take; these are all set up by you.

The first column that you see here would be the hours that are available to Buzz.

The number of hours that he earns and when he earns those; whether those are biweekly, weekly, yearly, semimonthly. You get to set up when people earn time, how much they earn. So if they’ve been with the company longer you can give them more time more frequently.

Let’s switch over to another user. You can see the numbers change, these are the number of hours available again for vacation. Each one of these time off reasons has a different number of hours, the bank of hours. So sick, personal, you can go negative on these if you need to. Again you get to set the number of hours that they earn and when they earn it.

So that each person has their own profile of policies that you’ve set up. That’s how you do it.

That’s great. So a lot of religious organizations and non-profits, companies that give sabbaticals for leaders who’ve have been there for eons. Can you do that within Standard Time?

You could set up another one of these time off reasons. You can click time off reasons here, create a new one for sabbatical and then you can earn hours toward that. As you’re with the company you can earn hours or you can just grant them a number of hours for that sabbatical.

We’re answering more of your questions out of the mad hatter’s hat which that one was.


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