Standard Time and QuickBooks make a terrific combination for time tracking and client billing.  You can easily configure the product to send all time and expenses to QuickBooks for the purpose of billing customers and paying employees.  You can also gather time using timesheets or timer from subcontractors who bill you. Have you downloaded a free trial yet?  Watch the QuickBooks video.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You can bypass QuickBooks IIF files by allowing the program to talk directly to QuickBooks.  See Tools, QuickBooks, Import Customers and Jobs.  The text below describes the old method of integration.

Here's how it works:
Choose Tools, Integration Options, QuickBooks.  There you can set up to point to the QuickBooks List and Timer IIF files.  Next, type in your Employee name, and click OK.  That's it!  You are ready to use the program for time tracking for billing in QuickBooks.  This entirely replaces the QuickBooks timer with a more robust time tracking software solution.  Each time the program is started, it will automatically bring in the QuickBooks list of Customer:Jobs, Service Items, and Customers, and make them available in the timesheet interface.

The timesheet will automatically save all new time logs to the QuickBooks Timer file, which you can import into QuickBooks from time to time.  It even works for employees who work from home and have sparse VPN connections to the main office.  If the program cannot immediately save QuickBooks information, it will try again later.  It's smart enough to get through when the VPN connection is reestablished.  Employees who work from home will love it!

We offer a weekly timesheet, project tasks, quick tasks, and other time tracking features that all contribute to QuickBooks.  You don't even need to use the timer; you can use a simple timesheet interface instead.  All the data is available to QuickBooks for billing.  If you plan to use the Web Edition for its web based timesheet, you can still export this data to QuickBooks using the File, Export menu. 

If you track time for the purposes of billing, the benefits are clear.
    - Simple client billing for QuickBooks
    - Time tracking, employee time sheets, and project tasks
    - Web based time sheet for QuickBooks
    - Detailed reporting for client billing
    - Export time and expenses to QuickBooks (or quick book)
    - Project planning and project management


Learn more about QuickBooks at the Intuit website:




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