Looking for a simple method to track project milestones, tasks, and events?  Have a workgroup of employees who each track time for their project tasks?  That's what we're all about!  We recognize that employees don't always know how precious their salaried time is, or even how important their billable time is.  They'll happily burn hours on tasks until they perfect every aspect, but forget that dozens of other tasks await.  Or, they may fail to move tasks to completion in a timely manner.  None of this inherently the fault of the employee; it's the fault of the process.  We help keep that process on track.
We offer a simple time tracking product that seamlessly incorporates project tasks and milestones.  It has a Gantt chart for administrators and a Timesheet for employees.  The image below illustrates the Project Task view.  While administrators can manage project tasks and milestones, employees will just see the task name in their timesheet.  They can enter hours against them.  When they reach a specified limit, the system locks them out.  Of course, they can get permission to continue with the task, but this helps keep the project on track.


Project Milestones and Task Tracking
Project Milestones


Tasks and Milestones You can track time to a milestone, but normally employees will track time to the tasks leading up to them.  Milestones don't show up in the timesheet unless you want them to.  But they do provide a nice "sanity check" for project evaluation.

Video: How To Keep Projects On Track 
Keeping Projects on Track

Milestone Tracking


Works with MS Project       Our product integrates with Microsoft Project to display project tasks in the employee timesheet.  This is an optional feature, but if used, it will let you view your MSP tasks and enter hours against them.  You'll send your hours back to MSP when finished. Learn about MS Project Integration

Features and benefits

  • Simple time tracking solution
  • Employee timesheet
  • Client project tracking
  • Client billing
  • Project management
  • Time off tracking



Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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