Project Billing features you can work with   Standard Time® offers multiple ways to bill clients for time worked.  In the program, client and project billing fall into four possible methods (see below).  Each project can be billed using one of these four methods.  That means Project A may use a different method than Project B.  In addition to using a different billing method, each project may also have unique billing rates.  So, Project A and Project B may use the same method (below), but charge different client billing rates for each.  Your organization may have a mixture of client billing methods.  We support all the common methods.

1. Employee Billing Rates

Each employee may have different rates for each project.  For instance, Ted may have a different project billing rate on Project A than he does on Project B.  In this scenario, each user has a default rate, but can override that billing rate for any project.  Choose Tools, Employee Billing Rates to override rates for each project.

2. Category Billing Rates

Projects can be set to use category rates instead of employee rates.  This means that project billing is based on the type of work rather than the person who did it.  Any person who works on a project will bill out at the rates defined by the category (type of work performed).  Billing rates for each category can be different for each project.  So, the rate for Category A can be different for Project A and Project B.  And, just as in the case with employees, categories have default billing rates that apply to projects where they have not been overridden.  Choose Tools, Category Billing Rates to set rates for each project.

3. Project Billing Rates

The third choice for project billing is to use project rates, regardless of who does the work or the kind of work performed.  This is the least flexible method of project billing, and is not commonly used.  Here, each project may have its own billing rate, and it doesn't matter who does the work.  Choose Tools, Project to set rates for each project.

4. Fixed-Bid Project Rates

Fixed-bid project are not billed by the hour.  In this case, there is a single amount for the entire project, and the billing rates do not apply.  Choose Tools, Projects to set this rate for each project


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