Standard Time® is a printable timesheet software application.  It offers a simple weekly timesheet, which you can print in a variety of ways, grouping by employee, project, week, or month.  Employees simply enter time next to projects and tasks.  The hours go directly into your shared company database where managers can print the results.  Timesheet hours can be used for client billing, employee payroll, and project management.  Click to try our simple printable timesheet.

  Printable Timesheet


Ways to print the timesheet

  1. Choose File, Print to print your own employee timesheet
  2. Click an employee from the list, and then choose File, Print
  3. Click various reports to print timesheet hours (for clients or employees)
  4. Choose View, Hours and Overtime for a printable spreadsheet of employee hours
  5. Use the Web edition with any browser for an online printable timesheet


Works with QuickBooks   If you use QuickBooks accounting, you can export your time to the QB Timesheet.  There, you can bill clients and pay hourly employees.


Works with Microsoft Project The app imports Microsoft Project MPP files so you can mirror your MPP project in our product.  Microsoft Project tasks will be shown in the timesheet.


Features and benefits:

  • Printable Timesheet
  • Weekly hours and totals
  • Projects and Tasks
  • Track Time Off (vacation, etc.)
  • Track all employee hours


Download a fully functional timesheet that will remain active for 30 days.
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