We filmed what happened when a project manager put task warnings on employee tasks. (see the video below)

Task warnings pop up when tasks are nearing completion. The workers in this video have seen them, and they fear them. These little popups subtly remind employees that tasks have to be finished up and completed so the project can move forward. You can't linger forever.


consultants love ST

"I hate these little popups"

"But I know they're good for us"


As much as employees hate being herded toward a goal, they know it's the best thing. Tasks must be completed. Projects must move on. The company must make money. Everybody knows that. Or if they don't, perhaps they should be reminded. That's what task warnings do. They are a subtle message that everyone understands to mean progress.

Watch how these workers react to task warnings.



Task warning email notifications

One of the workers in the video remarks about email notifications, as it relates to task notifications. What's that all about? It turns out that emails are sent to managers whenever task warnings appear. So not only does the employee see them in their timesheet, their manager is also notified. Don't think of this as punitive. It's just a courtesy to the manager so they know when tasks are nearing completion, and may need extra time to complete.


consultants love ST

"I realized I had to knock this task out quick"


Task error popups prevent too many hours

Not only do employees get warnings when tasks are nearly complete, they can also get an error when too much time has already been entered. Of course this is optional, but managers can configure tasks to prevent additional hours from being entered when it is complete. Employees really hate this one because it means they have to get managerial override to continue.


consultants love ST

"Again?    *%&@!"

"I gotta finish these up quicker"


But sometimes this is the only way to prevent project overruns. Eventually you just have to shut off the scope creep.



Worker 1: Let’s go fellas! The project manager has task warnings now!

Worker 2: What are task warnings?

Worker 3: Keep yacking and you’ll find out

Worker 4: Emails when tasks take too long. They’re using Standard Time® now.

Worker 5: They got task links, project triangles, and resource allocation

Worker 6: It’s a modern operation, with timesheets and project management

Worker 7: Not like the old days!

Worker 8: Standard Time changed everything

Worker 9: We’re in the machine age now!

Worker 10: Life is so easy. Only fifty more today!


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