Watch the manufacturing techniques in the video below. Everything is manual, except for that little pnematic train.  Things can only go as fast as the slowest guy. And costs are almost directly tied to salaries of human resources. This motor manufacturer has to charge enough to pay for all that manual labor.

Put a barcode label on each of these parts, and you'd see which employee touched them, how long they spent on each touch, and how long the entire process took. You might be able to improve things by touching each part fewer times, or consolidating worker tasks.


consultants love ST

"Scan and go"


Of course, true improvement comes from automation and reduced human interaction. And barcoding is still a part of that. Scan every part, and you'll know the exact numbers to improve.



These old boys are inciting a manufacturing revolt. They're suggesting the radical new idea of scanning units on the shop floor with barcode labels. Like this: Scan to start a timer, and scan to stop it. Now see how much time was spent. That would tell management how long each unit took to manufacture, and how long employees actually worked. It would probably also feed into the project management schedules.

Ahhh! No! You can't have that!

That would revolutionize the whole manufacturing process. Everything would change. Efficiency would jump 5 - 10 percent. So no... we couldn't do that... that's a bad bad thing.

Listen to their conversation:

Worker 1: Hey, fellas, let’s track our manufacturing time

Worker 2: Anybody got Standard Time and a barcode scanner?

Boss 1: No talking, or you’re all fired!

Worker: Start by scanning your employee name, then scan a task

Worker: A timer runs while you sling cold steel

Boss: I mean it, no talking on the job!!!

Worker: Now we’ll know how long every job takes

Worker: and which manufacturing processes need improvement

Worker: Plus, bosses will know how long we really worked

Boss: Okay, that did it. You’re all FIRED!


Watch old-timey videos on YouTube








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