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Feature Description Version
Component updates Updated web components to support IE8 and Firefox 3.6. 7.07
Resource Allocation Shift tasks that are scheduled to start before today to begin today.  More closely matches reality 7.06
Bug fixes Small bug fixes, plus shade column for today in timesheet 7.06
Project Revenue Chart of future revenue based on start and finish dates 7.05
Maintenance Bug fixes and polish 7.04
Skills Comma-separated fields indicate the skills for each user, and the skills required to complete each task. 7.03
Holiday time off Option to not use holidays when calculating time off 7.03
Pay Type Pay types: Regular, Overtime 1.5x, Overtime 2x 7.03
Overtime Display overtime in timesheet, and Hours and Overtime window 7.03
Email notification Notify users when timesheet contains less than 37.5 hours (Canadian users) 7.03
Pay periods Submit and approve time for user-definable pay periods.  E.g. 1 - 15th, 16 - 31st. 7.02
Clear cookies Special feature: "CLC" to clear cookies on web every time a user logs in 7.01
Auto lock timesheet Special feature: "SLK" to lock timesheet when submitted for approval 7.01
SQL in reports Call SQL script before and after running report on web version 7.01
Submit popup Popup a msg asking for confirmation when submitting timesheet for approval on web version 7.01
DCAA User right to force user to enter description of changes to time logs 7.00
Custom fields Custom fields in web version 7.00
Permission to View Data Expanded to user choices, rather than just groups 7.00
Time Off Accruals Bi-weekly time off accruals 7.00
Lock Date Ranges Lock date ranges for groups, rather than just users 7.00
Field Names Specify context for field name substitutions (e.g. Projects, Time Logs, Tasks) 7.00
Assign Holidays Assign holidays to users and groups 7.00
Time Off Overdraft Overdraft time off policy - allows users to take more time off than they currently have 7.00
Clients Allow clients to be marked as inactive 7.00
Emails Sent EmailsSent table in database to improve email troubleshooting.  Audit trail of all emails sent 7.00
RTF Export RTF export format in reports 7.00
Invoice grouping Group invoice items (by user, project, category, etc.) 7.00
Invoice Reports Embed reports into invoices for more variation 7.00
Report filters Memorize report filters and save.  Allows same report to be run over and over again with same filter. 7.00
Project manager approvals Project manager can approve individual projects.  Overall manager can approve entire timesheet. 7.00
Gantt Chart Gantt column on web version 7.00
Upload Reports Upload and delete reports to web version. 7.00
Report Scheduler Email reports from report scheduler 7.00
New Timesheet View Daily/Hourly timesheet view 7.00
Employee Availability Employee availability chart in resource allocation dialog 7.00
Deltek Export Deltek GCS Premier export 7.00
Timesheet Columns Choose View, Columns to see columns in timesheet 7.00
% Status Bar New column in project task view: % Status Bar - shows percent complete in graphical form 7.00
Audit Trails Special feature “ADT”: Audit trail of all database transactions 7.00
Invoice Filter Special feature “INU”: Filter invoice records by employee 7.00
Filter Timesheet Special feature "TSC": Filter timesheet by category (filters project tasks) 7.00
Quick Tasks Special feature "QTU": Allow Quick Tasks to be selected per user, and globally 7.00
Quoted Duration Special feature "NQC": Don’t calculate quoted cost in project tasks 7.00
Web Timesheet Allow web timesheet Project column to be resizable 7.00
Web Totals Allow user to display totals at top of web timesheet 7.00
Bypass Locks User right to prevent administrators from bypassing locks 7.00
Approve Column Added “Approve” checkbox column to time logs and expenses.  See View, Columns. 7.00
Billing Methods Added Project/User billing method, and reorganized Billing Method choices 7.00
Scheduled Time Off Added “Scheduled” checkbox in time off to distinguish advanced notice/no notice 7.00
Approving Timesheets Set and clear the “Approved” fields in time and expense records when entire timesheet is approved 7.00
Billable User right to enable “Billed” and “Billable” options for time and expenses 7.00
Billable Section Add a “Billable” section to the Edit Time Log dlg in Windows version (makes it like web version) 7.00
Web Column Headers Freeze column headers in approvals.aspx and approvetimesheets.aspx so they don't scroll out of view 7.00
donotreply Use “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” when “from” and “to” emails are the same 7.00
Name Change Change the word “Organization” to “Assign” in Windows dlg boxes 7.00
Bug Fixes Numerous bug fixes from V6 7.00

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